Sales Process Business Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Signavio Process Intelligence is now available on the Salesforce App Exchange. The solution enables organisations to map and study sales processes within their organisation. Subsequently, they can compare different methodologies in use by different salespeople and identify which has the greatest chance of success and then modify sales playbooks. To improve efficiency. The intent is to increase efficiency within the sales cycle, turning more opportunities to deals and deals into larger deals.

Organisations implementing Signavio Process Intelligence for Salesforce can:

  • Identify factors that have the biggest impact on win rates, therefore how to improve them
  • Determine if salespeople follow playbooks and what happens if they do, or don’t
  • Identify why deals take time, look at ways to shorten them and the risk associated
  • Analyse any process in the sales cycle: lead time, lead to quote and lead to close
  • Evaluate new sales processes, tasks and flows
  • Compare salespeople and teams with each other

Organisations would often learn these insights historically by using consultants to review processes in expensive studies. Sigavio does it continuously at a far lower cost. Pricing starts at €500 per user per year. Notably, Signavio can deliver insights faster. In the case study on the Appexchange, a customer notes “With Signavio Process Intelligence we can obtain useable insights and identify issues in weeks, not months.”

Mark Law, Global Vice President of Channels & Alliances, Signavio commented: “The selling journey has always been ripe for process management, and the availability of Signavio Business Transformation Suite on Salesforce AppExchange will help businesses understand processes to achieve their sales goals. Our technology offers visibility into the sales cycle that allows leadership to make necessary process changes that will help drive more sales, save money and close deals faster.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This announcement follows other Siganvio integrations with S/4HANA in April 2020 and a strategic alliance with Infor at Inforum 2019. While Signavio does not offer the best practice processes that applications such as ringDNA and Upland Altify do on the Salesforce platform, it does offer more insights across several metrics. These metrics include behaviour, timing, non-conformances, success rates and more. It will allow sales leaders to identify better practices within their sales cycle. For example, identifying if close rates are better when calls are made at specific times or quickly following quotations.

Siganavio is aiming to grow quickly, and this is another major vendor it has integrated to. If it can gain traction and demonstrate benefits to Salesforce customers quickly, this could be a very successful addition to the AppExchange. However, Signavio does not currently have any reviews. Additionally, the case study on the AppExchange is for a deployment on SAP. This is not best practice, according to Leslie Tom, Senior Vice President, AppExchange Marketing at Salesforce, who advocated that beta customers should place reviews on launch. Hopefully, they will follow quickly. Currently, the solution is only integrated to Sales Cloud. It will be interesting to see whether Signavio extends the integration to Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud.


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