Why should a time series database be part of your tech stack?(Image Credit: M W from Pixabay )The quantity of time series data generated by enterprises is increasing. IoT and cybersecurity create a lot of this data but they are not alone. To understand where this data is coming from and why there is so much interest in time series databases, Enterprise Times talked with Evan Kaplan, CEO of Influx Data.

In this podcast, Kaplan explains what time series data is saying: “Most applications, most services, whether they be firewall, whether it be intrusion detection, whether they be anomaly detection are tied to time series data.”

Evan Kaplan, CEO, InfluxData (Image Credit: LinkedIn)
Evan Kaplan, CEO, InfluxData

Kaplan lists a number of reasons why having a specialised database is key to dealing with this type of data. For example, the volume of data that is generated means a time series database: “needs to be able to write at super high speed and at high resolution.”

It also has to be capable of down sampling. This means that only the most relevant and recent data is kept live. Compare that with many other types of databases in the enterprise where they hold data that is years old.

Other areas that Kaplan talks about includes compressing data and how to import very large volumes of data. One area he touches on is the ability to do time series at the edge of the network. This helps speed up import, down sample to get rid of noise in the data and reduces the amount of network traffic. The podcast also touches on the impact of time series data across several industries.

To hear more of what Kaplan had to say, listen to the podcast.

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