Does your security really protect your staff?  (Image Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay )Talk about security and protecting staff and most organisations immediately think about electronic threats. Yet being in the wrong place at the wrong time, risks being caught up in an earthquake, flood, demonstration, riot or worse. Employers have to begin taking greater responsibility for their staff and not just in countries or locations where there is a proven risk. An example of that greater risk is the current pandemic where HR teams have had to create processes to check on staff who are working at home or furloughed.

Michael McCabe, Founder and CEO of Intelligence Fusion (Image Credit: Intelligence Fusion)
Michael McCabe, Founder and CEO of Intelligence Fusion

Michael McCabe, Founder and CEO of Intelligence Fusion joined Ian Murphy on the latest Enterprise Times Security Podcast to talk about this. McCabe is an ex British Army officer. It gives him a unique view on security from the electronic to the physical. Intelligence Fusion also helps organisations get a handle on business risks such as the impact of disruption to supply chains and business resiliency.

McCabe said: “If you’re going to actually thrive and be successful as a business, find new markets, increase your revenue, you have to be able to actually go out there and find a new opportunity. A big part of that is about making the business as resilient as possible.”

There are a lot of similarities in McCabe’s messaging as that from other security sectors. The need to engage the board and get management buy-in, making it everyone’s responsibility and ensuring that the intelligence is actionable. But what is needed to get that message across? Why do organisations not see physical security and cybersecurity as two sides of the same coin?

To understand more, listen to what McCabe had to say.

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