SDL launches AI-enabled online translation service (Image credit/Pixabay/Gerd Altmann)SDL has launched SLATE – Smart Language Translation for the Enterprise. SLATE is a new self-service platform that delivers a transformed experience in online translation. Businesses can directly access secure neural machine translation and optional expert human review, with transparent service levels, delivery times and simple pricing.

Through the intuitive, self-service online platform, SLATE provides all businesses with access to SDL’s secure neural machine translation. The solution covers dozens of languages including some of the world’s most challenging, like Chinese, Korean and Russian. For additional peace of mind, SLATE enables enterprises to upgrade the experience easily to human review.

SDL’s trusted network of over 17,000 expert translators can deliver an alternative revision – all within the same application. A monthly subscription. based on typical document volumes, means predictable spend and most content is processed instantly. Businesses know immediately how much it will cost, and when content will be delivered. SLATE works with different formats, from Microsoft Word documents and PDFs to Adobe InDesign files, and even subtitles for videos.

Online translation benefits

SLATE was fast and brilliant. It was instant, professional, and the output looked exactly like the original,” said Carolann Conway, Executive Assistant to Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer, Ryanair DAC.

No one that received the document had negative feedback on the quality of content. I appreciate that I can get my document professionally translated right away with no hidden costs. No wait time for a project quote and no extra work for me. SLATE is foolproof.

Built for business users across marketing, financial, legal and other regulated and security-conscious industries, SLATE’s key features include:

  • One-click access to document translation and support for dozens of languages.
  • Always on, always available.
  • Automatically translates while preserving document formats.
  • Ideal for regulated industries as it is secure by design. It does not allow for content sharing or re-use between users or by the system.

Improved efficiency

Christophe Djaouani, EVP Regulated Industries at SDL (Image credit/LinkedIn/Christophe Djaouani)
Christophe Djaouani, EVP Regulated Industries at SDL

We are excited to launch this new on-demand-service designed to support professionals who have pressing needs for high-quality translation. Business who want it delivered in a simple, automated way,” said Christophe Djaouani, EVP Regulated Industries at SDL.

SLATE has simplified the process, improved efficiency and thereby reduced the time to market for our customers. Built for business, it has security that conforms to strict industry standards, making it highly-suited for users in regulated industries. We look forward to rolling this service out and supporting a segment of the market that has long been neglected.

Operating under a monthly subscription model, SLATE reduces the up-front financial commitment for customers. The company says it eliminates the typical wait time for project quotes and invoices.

SLATE offers three levels of service:

  1. Automatic: backed by SDL Machine Translation, which is sufficient for the majority of tasks.
  2. Review: Human optimised stages focused on accuracy.
  3. Revision: Combines correcting for accuracy along with stylistic improvements, resulting in professionally edited output.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business?

Developing and managing translated content can be a major challenge for global businesses. Ensuring a consistent brand tone of voice and ensuring translated content is legally correct can be a nightmare. Typically enterprises have to use a translations agency and/or language cartridges and plugins to achieve these tasks. However, SDL’s SLATE offering potentially transforms how business users translate content.

It is intelligent, learns and adapts. The platform’s specialised Linguistic AI continues to learn, based on revisions and reviews. It also improves and adapts to the business’s individual requirements over time. SDL says SLATE will minimise duplication of work. Additionally, it will reduce the time needed to produce content across multiple languages, increases efficiencies and lower costs.

If the platform can achieve half of the benefits claimed. it’s worth a review for businesses needing translated content.


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