Pega World 19 PW19 (c) 2019 S BrooksPeter van der Putten is the Director of Decisioning Systems at Pegasystems. Enterprise Times spoke to him during the PegaWorld conference where the company had announced the opening up of its platform to other AI engines. Some of the keynote was also dedicated to the rise of empathic AI. It is a concept that is explored further in this podcast with van der Putten.

Peter van der Putten, Director Decisioning Solutionsat Pegasystems
Peter van der Putten, Director Decisioning Solutionsat Pegasystems

Van der Putten believes that AI should be both empathic and ethical. In fact, he comments that “Empathy starts where ethics ends”. Empathy is not just about detecting the mood of the customer but also delivering the next best action that is empathically in context. One example he gave was an AI Chatbot that would understand the right and importantly the wrong moment to cross sell services to a bank customer.

The discussion also covered how recent Pega research looked at how attitudes to AI change between geographies. The research highlight several commonalities but also both the uncanny valley and an attitude in France that differed from many other countries.  Van der Putten cited the work by Masahiro Mori on the uncanny valley. A concept where the emotional response to robots by people varies, especially as it becomes near human.

The conversation also explored the hypothetical rise of the personal AI and what it will mean for business. His view is that companies that fail to adopt empathy and ethical AI engines will be at a disadvantage in a world that is almost certainly coming.

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