Pega World 19 PW19 (c) 2019 S BrooksRecorded at PegaWorld this week, Kerim Akgonul, Senior Vice President, Products at Pega talks about the new Pega Low Code Factory. He reveals the three elements of the solution which are education, guidelines and tools. The Low Code factory delivers the ability for organisations to enable their employees to create applications than automate processes across an organisation.

Akgonul argues that the Low Code Factory mitigates the risk of app proliferation that low code can produce in an organisation. He makes it clear that it does not replace the IT organisations. It is now able to control the integration components and data models that it already understands. He also reveals how Pega will deliver a new UI layer that will enable individuals to personalise the apps without having to redevelop them.

Pega has also considered what happens during a system upgrade. The system will update the applications, and warns users of changes that impact their applications. He talks about some of the benefits that early adopters are already seeing from the solution.

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