revolving door Image credit Pixabay/HansUnit4 has appointed Lisa Dodman as Chief People Officer. This is the latest appointment by Mike Ettling, CEO as the senior leadership evolves under his guidance. The appointment comes after Henk van den Bogaart stepped down from the role of CHRO after just two years.

Dodman has been at Unit4 for nearly four years and has worked in a variety of senior HR roles across UKI, Continental Europe and Eastern Europe.

Lisa Dodman, Chief People Officer, Unit4 (c) Unit4
Lisa Dodman, Chief People Officer, Unit4

Ettling continues to evolve his leadership team with a mix of both internal and external staff. His other recent appointment saw Andy Brockhoff appointed President, North America.

Ettling commented: “It’s an exciting time for Unit4, and one where we’re more focused on our approach to talent enablement and employee experience than ever. Lisa is fully committed to developing people so they are successful and empowered to make their own career choices. She has the drive and passion to take us in a new direction when it comes to putting people’s careers in their own hands.”

For Dodman this is recognition of the work she has already done. She will be assisted by van den Bogaart during a transition period before he leaves the company. Dodman said: “The experience our people have at work and how they’re supported in their career journeys is a subject I’m very passionate about. We’re focused on the way we develop and create opportunities for our people to excel, and I’m very pleased to play a central role in promoting a culture of freedom and ownership that enables an environment of career choices for our people.”

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There is always change when a new CEO takes over. At some point soon though Ettling will hope to have achieved a stable leadership team. One that is behind his vision to grow the company. The internal appointment to a senior role demonstrates that the culture within Unit4 is likely to evolve rather than change. This should help bring stability after the recent changes in the company.

With Unit4 promoting its people centric ERP it will be interesting to see how much focus Dodman has externally, as well as internally in the future.


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