(Image credit/Pixabay/RonGreene)Xerox has announced a new services portfolio, comprised of five horizontal and four industry-specific services. The expanded portfolio is designed to address clients’ digital transformation needs. Xerox plans to support clients redefinition of the way they work. It also attempts to reimagine the employee and client experience at the intersection of physical and digital.

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Joanne Collins Smee, chief commercial officer, Xerox,

According to Joanne Collins Smee, chief commercial officer, Xerox, “There is a significant opportunity for our clients to automate inbound and outbound communications, extract value from ingested data. In addition, organisations want to streamline various business processes to unlock immense productivity gains.”

Collins Smee added, “Powered by our technologies, software and Managed Print Services (MPS) expertise, Xerox Services allows clients to better compete in a rapidly changing market environment.”

Xerox Horizontal Services

Streamlining time-consuming, business-critical processes – vital to the success of any operation – can be accomplished with Xerox’s Horizontal Services, which include:

  • Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services. Transcend traditional MPS segment by leveraging workflow automation, content management and print infrastructure optimization for more efficient and secure workplaces.
  • Xerox Capture & Content Services. Provide advanced multichannel capture and process automation. The service makes information available at point of need; drive clients to make more informed and proactive business decisions.
  • Xerox Accounts Payable Services. Offer a range of invoice processing services, from automated to full e-invoicing. This eliminates time-consuming processes while improving data security, giving clients control of the payment schedule.
  • Xerox Digital Hub & Cloud Print Services. Provide cloud-based, multi-layered enterprise solutions for fast, cost-controlled printing services. This includes design, production and delivery of print and digital collateral materials.
  • Xerox Campaigns on Demand Services. Feature a multi-use marketing campaign solution that scales to any audience size across multiple channels.

Xerox Sector-Specific Services

Addressing the unique needs of industries, such as insurance, healthcare, public sector and retail. Xerox’s first set of sector-specific services provides new ways to enhance the client experience, including:

  • Xerox Services for Digital Insurer. Empower insurance organisations to meet the demands of numerous touch points across the client journey by helping orchestrate engagement and supporting business processes.
  • Xerox Services for Digital Patient. Enable healthcare organisations to face the challenges of providing an improved patient experience. This ranged from admission to discharge, while supporting compliance with an ever-increasing regulatory environment.
  • Xerox Services for Digital Citizen. Assist public sector authorities to better navigate and manage the citizen journey; reduce costs associated with supporting regulatory compliance.
  • Xerox Services for Digital Retailer. Help retailers drive brand engagement and loyalty through an enhanced experience at every stage of the consumer experience.


The first release of the new Xerox Services portfolio is now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Enterprise Times: What this means for businesses?

During the 19th century Californian gold, businesses that made money and found gold, were the ones selling mining tools. Over the years, Xerox has successfully transformed itself from a manufacturer of printers and peripherals to a technology company. Reinventing client experiences in a disruptive technology workplace can be challenging. Xerox is making it easier for organisations and companies with new services that automate, secure and digitalise everyday processes.

Unlike Kodak or Blockbusters who failed to understand the underlying needs of their customers, Xerox learnt the need to innovate. Understanding the way organisations communicates, connects and works. The company understood that at the centre of sharing information, is the need for the integration of paper and digital.  Xerox products embraced the increasing requirement for mobility and the need for seamless integration between work and play.

The company’s expanded portfolio is a continuation of this process. Supporting companies undertaking transformation by redefining the workflow of key stakeholders. Restructuring employee and client experience where bricks and mortars and digital merge.


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