HVAC Commercial Image credit Pixabay/AFPMarkKerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) has continued its success in the US. The 2J Supply company has selected K8 ERP to replace its legacy ERP system. 2J Supply looked to update their ERP solution with one that supported their multi location HVAC distribution business.

Founded in 1962, 2J Supply now has ten locations across Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Headquartered in Dayton Ohio, the founders Jim Winget and Jerry Trimbach set up the company to deliver the right part, at the right time with the right training. It carries more than 8,000 SKU’s from over 100 vendors.

Product selection

Rather than rely on a single individual to run such a key process, 2J Supply brought together a team from across the business. This project team then looked at the many offerings on the market before selecting K8 ERP. The decision to go with K8 was based on several factors, including the functionality that it provided.

2J Supply, according to the press release, saw the solution as “superior” to other offerings and they believe it offers several ways in which it can improve the business. KCS also demonstrated the intuitive UI (User Interface) and the team believed that this would ease the implementation and transition process to the new system. However, it was the relationship built with KCS during the process that was key.

Jason Trimbach, CEO. 2J Supply commented: “The KCS team really listened to our needs. Their insights and dedication to our business were clear from the beginning. Plus, K8 is a better product, so it was easy to enter into this relationship with KCS.”

What does this mean

Alan Cross, KCS Executive Vice President North America (Source linkedIN)
Alan Cross, KCS Executive Vice President North America

This is yet another win for KCS in the fiercely competitive HVAC market in the US. One of the values of 2J Supply is that it values the creation of lifelong partnerships.

This view to the long term is reflected by Alan Cross, Executive Vice President North America at KCS. He commented: “Our team worked closely with 2J Supply to demonstrate that K8 was the right choice for them. They had a clear vision for the future of their business and how they wanted to take advantage of the flexibility and functionality of the software.  KCS is proud to be working with 2J Supply and look forward to a long, productive partnership together.

There are two things of note in this announcement. The first is that 2J Supply created a project team from across its business to make its selection. This was a wise decision. After working on a single solution for so long it was important that every part of the business was part of the decision to select the new software.

The second is that the culture of supporting long-term relationships at both parties mirrored each other. The synergy of culture between the purchaser and vendor is becoming increasingly important in the software world. Vendors can no longer sell software, implement it and walk away. Cloud software means that solutions are constantly updated and businesses need to ensure that they utilise the latest features to stay ahead of the competition in a fast moving marketplace.

What isn’t clear from the press release however is exactly what modules 2J supply company purchased and when it will install the software. Multi-site operations often present implementation challenges. It is also not clear whether the solution is cloud based or on-premises.


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