Redscan gets two solutions on G-Cloud 10Cyber security provider, Redscan, has announced two of its solutions are available on G-Cloud 10. Redscan is promising an offensive approach to cybersecurity. It claims that the two products will: “help organisations identify complex security risks, as well as detect and respond swiftly to breaches.”

G-Cloud 10 is the latest version of the UK Government’s cloud-based services procurement platform. It provides a one-stop shop for local and central government organisations to find and acquire new cloud-based services.

Gubi Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Redscan
Gubi Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Redscan

According to Gubi Singh, Chief Operating Officer at Redscan: “All organisations within the public sector are deeply concerned by cybersecurity threats. They need assurance that their systems are safe and secure, and that vital services are always protected.

“In the midst of a global cybersecurity skills crisis, in which the public sector can struggle to compete for the best talent, this is neigh impossible without bringing in outside expertise.”

What Redscan products are available?

This announcement talks about two Redscan products on G-Cloud 10. They are:

CREST Penetration Testing and IT Health Check: This is listed on G-Cloud 10 under the cloud support category. It allows the Redscan ethical hacking team to look for any vulnerabilities and exploits that affect an organisations software and websites. This is not just about software code. The hackers will also create phishing campaigns to see how cyber aware staff are. They will then deliver remediation advice to the organisation.

ThreatDetect – a 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Centre-as-a-service for threat detection and incident response: This is listed on G-Cloud 10 under the cloud hosting category. Under GDPR, organisations have to report breaches within 72 hours. This is hard if you cannot identify the size and scope of an attack. Threat detection is a mix of proactive and reactive services. It identifies threats before they hit an organisation and speeds up detection should a breach occur. It also plays a key role in breach notification and response.

Singh claims: “Redscan supplies the tools, expertise and high-quality service to make offensive security a reality, whether that’s penetration testing to detect hidden vulnerabilities, hunting for and investigating intrusions or coordinating swift and effective cyber incident response.”

What does this mean

Public sector organisations are struggling to deal with cyber security. Salary caps make it difficult to acquire the right people to protect the data held by local and central government departments. This makes it difficult to protect data from cybercriminals who are determined to steal it.

One of the big success for G-Cloud is helping departments overcome their lack of highly skilled resources. Over the next few weeks, suppliers of all kinds of cloud-based services will be announcing their place on G-Cloud 10. Redscan will not be the only company offering threat detection and penetration testing. However, it will be interesting to see how many others promise an “offensive approach to cybersecurity.”


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