Suiteworld18 Evan Goldberg in keynote Image credit Oracle NetSuiteEvan Goldberg is the founder and EVP of Development at Oracle NetSuite. Enterprise Times spoke to him at Suiteworld about a variety of subjects. These included how NetSuite will look to spend the additional funds that Oracle has pushed its way. Will they continue to invest in developers or will they look to acquire other business?  Goldberg also explains the unique use of dials within Suite Intelligence to deliver AI personalised to each individual business strategy.

There are two subjects that animate Goldberg and the conversation came alive when he talking talking about them. The first is technology that he is now able to get his hands on after the acquisition by Oracle. The second is the work of Oracle NetSuite Social Impact and the BRCA Foundation.

Goldberg talks enthusiastically about the new technology and software that Oracle is providing NetSuite with.  He ends with talking about Oracle Social Impact and the difference its is making. He also talks reveals the help the BRCA Foundation has made in the fight against cancer.

Where can I get it?

You can listen to the podcast in many ways. You can:

obtain it, for Android devices from

use the Enterprise Times page on Stitcher

use the Enterprise Times page on Podchaser

listen to the Enterprise Times channel on Soundcloud



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