Booking your Fintech Day Out!

Fintech ConferenceGiven the significance of finance and technology to our daily lives it is fair to say that an event which splices them together would be quite a good one to pop along to and absorb any pearls of wisdom.

Called the Fintech World Forum 2017, this 2-day gathering kicks off on November 21st and takes place in The Great Hall, Kensington Conference and Events Centre. An array of speakers will cover a variety of subjects including how Fintech will transform global financial services, new innovations, how Blockchain affects Fintech, big data analytics and Fintech, emerging markets and much more.

As you would imagine many tech vendors are in attendance and a number of financial companies and start-ups have been drawn together to share their collective incites with you, including the likes of IBM, Oracle, Zurich Insurance Group, UBS, PWC, J.P. Morgan and others.

Who Cares…

It is a safe statement to make that financial institutions are in a state of flux. Times are changing and disruptive technologies abound and are a forcing change, both technologically and with the services on offer. Admittedly, the idea of technology and finance fused together if nothing new, but the rate of change and disruption caused by new technologies this year and beyond sees Fintech as being much more than just a simple techno buzzword.

If we take mobile data alone and think about the impact of smartphones on the consumer, the ‘always connected’ world we live in propagates a staggering potential for business opportunity. High on the agenda at the Fintech event is Blockchain and whilst right now this technology buzzword may well not impact businesses that much it is most certainly breaking out of the world of hype (folk do love a technology that can be viewed as displacing the real world) and into reality. From 2018 you will see more and more investment in Blockchain technologies and it is fair to say that such technology does not come without risk.

In Conclusion

The event’s agenda has a raft of interesting topics being discussed by some innovative firms in the financial sector. Using it to get a handle on how financial services are set to be shaped over the next five years makes this a most worthwhile 2-day jaunt in London.

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