Leondrino Exchange launches two new currencies

Have you, or your enterprise, ever fancied your own currency? Want to throw away the pound, the dollar or even the euro? Your opportunity may have at last arrived. At least two businesses Chargepartner Network and Leaf Systems are going for it.

“The decision of these startup organizations to use our Leondrino services to raise money and foster their community building through their upcoming ITOs is a huge milestone for our company. We are happy to help our customers achieve their business goals via Leondrino currencies.” said Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondrino Exchange, announcing the news during a presentation at Finovate Spring in San Jose on April 26.

In more detail

Leondrino Exchange is a CMaasS (or Currency Management as a Service, for the uninitiated) provider. It offers a blockchain-based platform-cum-marketplace for organizations to issue their own private, branded currencies.

Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondrino Exchange
Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondrino Exchange

The original idea for branded currencies for creative talents was born in 2011. Peter Reuschel (an entrepreneur) and Sandra Leonie Ritter (a professional musician and entrepreneur) sought a way to enable professional investors to make direct investments into artists with potential.

In the Leondrino Exchange view: “to build a global music brand, an artist or band must be able to raise substantial amounts of working capital and get flexibility in financial matters, which a musician or artist managers will never get from traditional forms of financing. Conversely, investors cannot stand it when they have to deal with all the bits and pieces of IP exploitation and complicated revenue structures of an entertainment brand.”

Chargepartner Network is an e-mobility software provider with a modular SaaS offering for the management of electric vehicle charging stations. Leaf Systems is a startup digitizing the restaurant business, which we (Enterprise Times) hope does not mean digital food. Both propose to make a public issue of their own branded tokens on June 15. In their view this is first step in the life cycle of Leondrino-based currencies which raise capital and build communities around their brands.

Any enterprise or startup can do the same.

In addition to having a monetary value, your own currency can redeem vouchers or participate in promotions facilitated by your brands.  Furthermore, consumers can acquire, store and manage all their currency tokens for free in a Leondrino Wallet.


What is not so clear is how you move between traditional currencies (those boring dollars, pounds, yen, Euro and even Bitcoins) and those listed on the Leondrino Exchange, or even between differently branded ‘currencies’ on the Leondrino Exchange. However, once resolved, this could be an opportunity or a brick wall.

In an increasingly uncertain world this is a ‘way-out-of-left field’ proposition. It would appear most relevant for those with substantial brands, or major brand ambitions, which would like to minimise or avoid conventional currency exposure. For that reason alone, enterprises should keep an alert eye out. We, at Enterprise Times, propose to dig deeper.

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