Capital Corrugated & Carton continues transformation

Epicor has announced that Capital Corrugated & Carton have selected Epicor AVP and BVP to continue their digital transformation.

When Brett W. Smith, Controller, Capital Corrugated & Carton joined the company he found the systems in a mess. He stated: “….started reviewing the accounting controls and system functionality. I found the system to be lacking in many basic accounting functions and started finding solutions to compensate for the system. “

Smith highlighted some wins he could put in place to resolve some issues and identify where others were. He analysed data pulled from the existing system to create priorities. The important one was decreasing the close from 20 days down to less than 5 days. Smith explained some of the ways in which this was achieved: “With a new PO process in place and being able to accrue for purchase, we were on the right track. Along with setting up monthly account reconciliations and financial reviews, we are closing within 5 days.”

He also reviewed the IT systems and virtualised much of the environment. Moving to Office 365 is part of the project which will reduce costs. Smith is now looking to invest in new software to drive the company forward. While the initial fixes kept the existing system running it built a realisation that the legacy software was end of life.

His decision might have been hastened by a very public comment on Glassdoor that stated:

  • “Cons : Systems are outdated – still using paper filing systems.
  • “Advice to Management : New Software is a must!”

Complex requirement led them to Epicor

Founded in 1995 the company initially produced corrugated packaging. It now delivers both paperboard and corrugated packaging, something which is unusual in its industry. In November 2008 they acquired Kramer Carton Company, a 67 year old family run folding carton business. With two distinct but related product lines it needed to find a suitable solution for the future.

Smith chose Epicor AVP and BVP to provide the functionality that both product lines required. It also delivers an integrated solution for the business. Smith explained: “Our business is unique in that there is not a standard system for every project, which is why we are dedicated to offering personalized solutions.”

That degree of personalization sees the company produce virtually every type of packaging requirement and design. From basic boxes to POP (point-of-purchase) displays, small runs and large. It has created processes that enables it to meet those customer requirements. Most of those processes though were manual and it required a modern ERP to make the company more efficient.

The solution

Colin Walterson, Product Manager – Epicor Printing & Packaging (Source LinkedIn)
Colin Walterson, Product Manager – Epicor Printing & Packaging

In implementing AVP and BVP, Epicor is delivering an integrated product. It allows Capital Corrugated & Carton to quote and manage all of its business scenarios. Epicor enables functions such as ordering to be combined with the business The system also provides better accounting functionality including an enhanced audit function. The security access controls are also more robust in the Epicor solution.

Colin Walterson, product manager, Epicor printing and packaging, Epicor Software said: “We are excited Capital Corrugated & Carton selected Epicor to transform their business. However complex your inventory and warehousing requirements, we help multiply the power of your business software with unlimited connections to your other key systems to simplify business challenges.”


Smith is continuing the transformation at Capital Corrugated & Carton with the Epicor ERP solution. The complex nature of the company ruled out most of the ERP point solutions that Smith looked at. He concluded: “We knew we were going to have to upgrade. After seeing the controls and opportunities a one-two punch from Epicor AVP and BVP could provide our business, it was an easy choice.”

Capital Corrugated & Carton will be a good advocate for the AVP and BVP solutions. The question is can Epicor persuade them to do it?  It will be interesting to see if Smith makes an appearance at Epicor Insights. The Epicor annual convention is in May.


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