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Dáil Chamber
Capita Managed IT Solutions has signed a deal with the Irish Justice and Equality Department to deliver a managed IT service.

The deal will last for the next five years and was won in conjunction with Evros Technology Group. Capita will deliver part of the IT solution using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which will be hosted on the Irish Revenue Commissioner Data Centre. As part of the deal, Capita and local partner Evros will provide an on-site technical team consisting of a Dublin-based help desk and 2nd line IT support.

What is interesting about this deal is that it appears to be nothing more than an outsourcing of IT services to Capita and Evros. There is no mention of any plan to move to cloud computing or deliver any new Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions such as Microsoft Office365 which is already used by other parts of the Irish Government.

The press release does imply that part of this deal is to help consolidate other departments of the Irish Government saying: “The model will enable other public sector bodies to benefit by ‘On-Boarding’ to the Department’s Shared ICT Service.”

John Kennedy, head of ICT at the Department of Justice and Equality, said: “Capita’s model for delivering this comprehensive service will provide the Department and other public bodies a new, robust and scalable solution adhering to the principles of sharing and reuse as defined in the Public Service ICT Strategy”.

There is no price for the deal in the press announcement and no mention of what level of savings the Irish Government expects to gain from this deal.


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