After more than ten years of using Netsuite, Professional Testing, Inc switches to Intacct for its Cloud ERP solution. Working with AcctTwo, Professional Testing Inc has migrated its business processes to Intacct’s more adaptive and intuitive Cloud ERP solution to reduce costs.

Why ditch Netsuite for Intacct?

Maria Gonzales, Professional Testing, Inc.
Maria Gonzales, CFO Professional Testing, Inc.

In a business world where the only constant is change it still seems surprising that companies are now moving between cloud ERP providers. That Professional Testing Inc had been using Netsuite for ten years already shows you that this was not a knee jerk decision.

In fact Maria Gonzalez, CFO at Professional Testing, Inc. was very clear about the reasons for the switch in commenting “After using NetSuite for more than a decade, we grew tired of hidden costs from the on-going customizations it required in order to meet our unique needs, and we finally decided to look elsewhere for an ERP system that was more adaptable,

“By switching to Intacct, we’ll save at least $50,000 in consulting fees per year, and can more easily integrate other best-in-class products with Intacct to complement the financial system’s functionality, instead of trying to customize a single-vendor suite to do things it wasn’t built for.”

As businesses evolve this churn within the cloud ERP industry is a reflection of its growing maturity and perhaps the entry into a second phase. Netsuite has just delivered 35% growth in its 2nd quarter figures so while this one piece of news about churn will not significantly hurt them it is something that they aware of.

The Cloud ERP market is still growing and there are clearly some companies that have been using the solutions for some time. That doesn’t mean that they won’t make the decision that there is a better suited solution elsewhere.

Customer retention will be a growing issue over the next few years and according to McKinsey: “eCommerce spending for new customers is on average $24.50, compared to $52.50 for repeat customers”. In this case Intacct and AcctTwo had a customer that wanted to make the change, were already looking for an alternate solution and choose Intacct’s Cloud ERP for several reasons.

Intacct support multi-entry reporting, improved flexibility for their business and it was viewed to be easier to use. It was the cost of the reporting customisations though that seem to be key to the decision. Professional Testing Inc is a growing company that offers a full set of services for assessment, evaluation, and certification services for professional testing. Headquartered in a modern office building in Orlando, it now has three other offices in Tallahassee, Denver and the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area.

Intacct adapts to third party software

AcctTwo is Intacct’s 2014 partner of the year and has been using its expertise to integrate Intacct’s ERP software  into some of Professional Testing Inc’s other applications. It is these integrations: Nexonia for time and expenses, AmeriFlex for workforce management, and 2C Processor for merchant accounts and portals that will help deliver process improvements to the Finance department and help justify the switch.

Gonzales is clearly happy with the switch and concluded “Intacct will help our team to work much more efficiently so we can manage the company’s financials long into the future, without any additional headcount..

This application fits our organization’s needs perfectly, and we’re thrilled that we no longer have to deal with the additional learning curve or IT and consulting requirements of a rigid suite like NetSuite. As a result, my staff will be more involved with managing the solution, and I can focus on optimizing our operations and resources.

The Excel spreadsheets that Gonzales team were force to have built for project accounting and comparing budget-to-actuals are now gone. This will save several man days of work each month and also de risks the reporting process.

One question that Netsuite might ask themselves is who is the partners that was meant to be looking after Professional Testing Inc, and if they had spent more time in keeping their customer happy rather than perhaps winning new business would they be losing this revenue. Intacct however will be pleased to pick up the new business and it demonstrates that there are opportunities out there for the taking, not just from those using traditional on premise software.


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