fabric (credit image/Pixabay/Pexels)fabric, have announced a joint partnership with Bounteous x Accolite, a digital innovation partner of the world’s most ambitious brands. fabric and Bounteous x Accolite plan to deliver a composable commerce framework that lays the groundwork for retailers to enable the ultimate store of the future.

By leveraging a proven approach to composable commerce, omnichannel retailers can now innovate with packaged products, integration templates, and best practices throughout the commerce lifecycle. The commerce framework spans from merchandising to fulfilment.

“By partnering with Bounteous on the Composable Commerce Accelerator, we’re not just envisioning the Store of the Future – we are building it with a proven approach. We have leveraged our suite of commerce services like Product Catalog, Offers, Cart & Checkout. This will seamlessly integrate with our new OMS and all guided by the Bounteous x Accolite implementation blueprint. We are speeding up time to market for retailers without the risk. We are setting the standard for innovation,” said Mike Micucci, CEO fabric.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Mike Micucci)
Mike Micucci, CEO fabric

“Bounteous x Accolite and fabric have developed a strategic approach for the future of eCommerce and omnichannel. This is rooted in our joint customer success. We have teamed up to put our combined business expertise into the Composable Commerce Accelerator. We are fast-tracking our customer’s ability to unlock agility, flexibility, and tangible business growth. This will be achieved through increases in conversion and margin,” said Keith Schwartz, CEO, Bounteous x Accolite.

Delivering unprecedented time to market

The Store of the Future encompasses a variety of innovative technologies and strategies aimed at transforming the way people shop and interact with brands. By redefining personalised experiences, providing seamless omnichannel integration, and powering frictionless checkout anytime, anywhere. The Store of the Future aims to blend physical and digital elements seamlessly, catering to the evolving needs and expectations of modern consumers. At the same time driving innovation and competitiveness within the retail industry.

The benefits of Composable Commerce (C2 ) Accelerator

The benefits of adopting the Composable Commerce (C2 ) Accelerator with Bounteous x Accolite include:

  • Integrated Omni-Channel Architecture: Seamlessly integrate all systems that enable digital capabilities across all omni-channel consumer touchpoints. Unify siloed and fragmented operational and customer data into a single source of truth, continuously optimised and actioned against.
  • Increased Rate of Innovation: A modular approach that allows enterprises to introduce new digital capabilities incrementally, regardless of your existing technology stack. Fabric says this will provide faster time to value to deliver innovative experiences as consumer needs evolve across every touchpoint.
  • Accelerated Omni-Channel Growth: Enables data-driven decisions and focus on investments that drive omni-channel growth quickly. Reduce risks from “Big Bang” replatforms by gradually replacing legacy systems that no longer serve the needs of businesses.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Bounteous has a good track record of co-innovating its proven model of collaborative partnerships. The company says it helps brands compete and win. It was a smart move to partner with fabric Commerce Platform. Fabric has an impressive suite of commerce services, plus native OMS.

Both companies emphasise retailers will get the flexibility to deliver enterprise speed and scale to sell and fulfil on any channel. Through this partnership, both companies have developed the Store of the Future accelerator over the last year. A composable commerce accelerator to accelerate retailers’ transformation to a modern commerce platform.

However, neither company clearly explains the input from customers regarding their requirements. Enterprises need to understand where business customers go for inspiration, product search and purchase, their frustrations, and evolving needs. Customer and product data will be key to driving the requirements for the store of the future. Otherwise, it may just become another empty gesture marketing label that will be quickly discarded.


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