Graduate Graduation Image by 5480831 from PixabayDigital workforce solutions provider Factorial, has highlighted an analysis of data from Semrush that graduates across the UK are seeking Careers in HR. The analysis is based on search trends for the last 12 months. Over that period, there was a massive 26,900% increase in searches for the ‘human resource management graduate scheme’ within the UK.

Factorial also noted that the younger generation is also increasingly seeking a career path in HR. Searches for for Human Resources College degree increased by 2,850%, and ‘Human Resources Intern’ has spiked as a search term by 2,300%.

There may be a justification for this: with jobs becoming increasingly harder to find for graduates, HR is one area outside technology where there is a shortage. Robert Walters noted that advertised HR jobs rose in the second quarter of the year, up 8% in the North West of England and 4% nationally compared to the second quarter of 2022.

There are regional differences with searches for HR Careers London’ and ‘HR jobs London City’ have increased by 11,900% across the last 12 months. In other cities, the searches for Human Resources Positions near me’ have grown by 9,400%.

Technology is becoming increasingly important for HR

The analysis also showed that technology is becoming increasingly important for HR teams. The arrival of ChatGPT and other new technologies has seen growth in the following search terms over 12 months:

  • ‘AI in human resource management’ increased by 1,200% across the year.
  • ‘Human Resources information system’ grew by 1,677%.
  • ‘HR Manager software’ increased by some 1,017.6%.

This reflects the growing importance of talent management within organisations. Increasingly firms are looking to strengthen their internal systems to improve retention.

For Factorial, this information is good and bad news. Only on the second term does Factorial appear on a Google Search, and that is not on the first page. It will be interesting to see whether it invests in Google AdWords now it knows how popular they have become.

Amanda Maireles, Head of people at Factorial, image credit - LinkedIn
Amanda Maireles, Head of people at Factorial

Commenting on these trends, Amanda Miareles, Head of people at Factorial said, “As a partner of HR departments around the world, it is wonderful to see job seekers and graduates in particular be attracted to the HR profession, especially as they take their first steps in the world of work. Human Resources has taken great strides forward in challenging dated perceptions of the function, and the growth of technology-fuelled tools which integrate into modern workplaces has served to underline this shift. It’s particularly gratifying to see the demand for modern HR careers growing among graduate audiences, and one which we hope to see continue long into the future for this essential role underpinning employee wellbeing and development.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

There is little detail in the information provided by Factorial, and the percentage increases are not given quantitative figures. They did not reveal whether the search terms were used hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of times.

Factorial’s solution includes time management, talent management and expenses. It was developed specifically for the SMB market. The good news is that there is a growing interest in HR tech. Last year, the company announced the launch of Factorial AI, it also joined the AWS marketplace.


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