Woman business Insurance Image by Tumisu from PixabayQdos, the leading insurance and tax services provider for contractors and self-employed, has refreshed its brand with the help of UNRVLD. Qdos, owned by Tokio Marine HCC, has felt that its target market had evolved substantially post-pandemic. Its target market was not only more diverse but many new entrants were not targeted as well as they might have been.

It worked with UNRVLD to create a branded digital experience that would appeal to the diverse nature of today’s self-employed workforce. UNRVLD created a new website and mobile application underpinned by the Sitecore digital experience platform. It intended to create a modern digital experience. Delivering a frictionless experience to freelancers, sole traders, contractors and businesses using the Qdos services.

The project consolidated the collateral of the tax and insurance services onto a single Sitecore platform. This means all collateral and initial engagements, including the quotation process, were built using Sitecore. It means that prospects have a seamless experience. This reduces the number of forms and systems they have to interact with. Makingke buying insurance easier and much faster.

With all information on a single platform, Qdos now has the capability to deliver a personalised experience, including relevant recommendations to customers. It aims to expand existing customer relationships, add new sectors to its platform, and extend its target market.

Gemma Cakebread, Qdos’ Head of Marketing, said, “A huge thank you to all of the team at UNRVLD for your incredible work getting us here and pushing us out of our comfort zone! The results speak for themselves.”

What has changed for Qdos

UNRVLD first took a step back and created a new brand strategy for Qdos before starting any design or development work. Once agreed by Qdos stakeholders, it allowed the project to progress to the next stage. The first decision was to unify the contractor and B2B/commercial services websites in a single site.

That would create efficiencies in the process and would also reduce the amount of work required. UNRVLD worked with Sitecore 10.2 to create a new experience for Qdos. With the company calling out the following benefits:

  • Simplified quote process – insurance can be purchased in minutes
  • Product personalisation – the most relevant products are presented to customers
  • Intuitive searching functionality – empowering customers to find and understand necessary information
  • It simplified product descriptions to make understanding policy information throughout the journey easy
  • Updated technology – giving Qdos’ marketing team the flexibility and agility to respond to changing customer demands
  • It enhanced accessibility to content for everyone
  • A unified site experience by merging the two Qdos sites to allow customers to access tax and insurance services in one place
  • A branded digital experience – re-positioning Qdos to appeal to the diversity of today’s self-employed workforce
Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos
Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos

Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos, commented, “This is a major milestone for Qdos. Each and every one of our customers stands to benefit from the evolution of our business. We have a fresh and exciting new identity which puts customer experience first, developed and delivered by an incredibly talented team with decades of experience in supporting and enabling flexible working.

 “After all, flexible working is the new way of working and our new brand is reflective of this. Alongside a significant redevelopment of our website, we are better placed than ever to protect and support independent workers and the businesses engaging them.

“Whether you need award-winning insurance or compliance-related support, accessing these business-critical products and services has never been simpler.”

Enterprise Times: What does it mean

Sitecore is a leading provider of an end-to-end composable digital experience platform. UNRVLD have helped empower the Qdos brand with a digital experience that will, it hopes, make the experience unforgettable.

For UNRVLD, this is a piece of work that it is proud of. It demonstrates that technology requires expertise in technology and business to succeed. The new Qdos brand looks clean and is easy to navigate. Its recent blogs indicate that it is heavily targeting recruitment agencies for its services and its traditional markets.

For the self-employed and other small businesses, the Qdos experience may make them worth a look. They have modernised their customer engagement in a way that many insurance companies haven’t, to create a seamless experience that can deliver the services and advice that self-employed and SMEs need. Removing the administration burden in the insurance process is vital; time costs money, and small businesses want to remove that burden, even if it is only once a year.

The final word goes to Gemma Cakebread, Qdos’ Head of Marketing, who enthused, “A huge shoutout to the UNRVLD team for their amazing work and for pushing us beyond our comfort zone! We can’t wait for you to explore the new Qdos experience.” 


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