Doors Appointment Image by Esa Riutta from PixabayProtegrity, the vendor offering a data protection system to protect sensitive data anywhere and everywhere, has made two changes in its senior leadership team. Dante Malagrinò, previously Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed Chief Product Officer. The second appointment sees Christian Carnell promoted to Chief Financial Officer.

Paul Mountford, CEO of Protegrity, commented, “We believe the market opportunity is massive, and that no one is better positioned than Protegrity to meet this moment. With these new leadership appointments, we are bringing to bear the talent and expertise within our company to scale our business and market presence during a period of rapid growth for the data protection industry.” 

Chief Product Officer

Dante Malagrinò, Chief Product Officer, Protegrity
Dante Malagrinò, Chief Product Officer, Protegrity

Malagrinò joined the company in November of last year as Chief Technology Officer. He will lead all of Protegrity’s technology innovation strategies and product delivery. He will oversee the global team of technology architects and engineers. As the company looks to expand across different industries and geographies.

It seems he will combine elements of the CTO role in his position. There was no announcement about a new CTO. Though Ulf Mattson, a founder and once Chief Technology Officer of the company, is now its Chief Security Strategist and may resume some responsibilities.

Malagrinò has extensive international experience in a range of industries. He also acts as a strategic advisor to numerous startups. He previously spent three years at Riverbed Technology. Rising to Chief Development Officer before leaving to complete a Masters’s degree at UC Berkeley in Information Data Science.

He started his career in marketing in Italy. Working across the EU before moving to Cisco in three stints working as a Software Engineer. Leaving to head up marketing at Andiamo Systems before joining to become Director of Marketing at Cisco for its Data Center 3.0 strategy.

He left for the second time to found and initially led Embrane, becoming its Chief Product Officer before its acquisition by Cisco. Once again at Cisco, he became Vice President of Engineering. The mix of marketing and technology roles gives him the excellent experience to be the new CPO. His goal is to grow Protegrity’s customer base to a wider audience. Which already includes the world’s largest banks, retailers, and health insurers.

Malagrinò commented, “As Protegrity’s new CPO, I’m excited to build on the company’s history of developing truly innovative data security and privacy products. My vision is to lead our global team of technology-futurists to build new capabilities into Protegrity’s Data Protection Platform to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the digital world. We have exciting developments on the horizon that will further differentiate us as the leader in data protection.” 

Chief Financial Officer

Christian Carnell, Chief Financial Officer, Protegrity
Christian Carnell, Chief Financial Officer, Protegrity

Carnell joined Protegrity as VP of Finance in 2021. He replaces Mark Novakovich, who has yet to update his LinkedIn page as of writing. Carnell will take over the responsibility of the finance team. He will act as a strategic advisor to the executive team regarding the firm’s financial performance, capital structure, and business growth strategies.

Carnell has wide experience with IPO readiness, public company deadlines, SEC reporting, financial analysis, forecasting, ERP migration and integration. It was Novakovich that brought Carnell to Protegrity. Novakovich was CFO at Control4 Corporation, where Farnell spent 12 years, rising to Assistant Controller and Director of Accounting.

Carnell commented, “I am thrilled to step into the CFO role and lead Protegrity’s financial operations during a period of accelerated growth and innovation. During my time at Protegrity, I’ve become deeply familiar with our financial goals, growth strategies and culture of excellence. My priority is to ensure we have the financial visibility and discipline to rapidly scale the business globally while continuing to deliver value for our customers.” 

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

These are two solid appointments by Mountford as he looks to continue the expansion and success he has achieved since he joined in 2021. With the importance of data increasing, especially as it feeds the hungry maws of AI, especially generative AI. Organisations must ensure that the data that is ingested is secure. That it meets the increasingly complex legal requirements, especially for cross-border data flows.

In Malagrinò, it has found a very experienced Chief Product Officer. With a rare combination of leadership in both Marketing and Engineering positions, with an understanding of how the wider business needs to function.

Carnell has the experience of CFO from several contracting positions. He now takes on the bigger responsibility that his career has been driving towards.


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