Blueprint Image by Reto Scheiwiller from PixabayLakeside Software, the digital employee experience platform, has announced the Lakeside Velocity Framework. The framework is a roadmap that enables customers to maximize the benefits of the Lakeside SysTrack Platform.

Relaunched at Lakeside Kickoff 2021, this is the latest iteration of the Lakeside customer success program. The framework helps customers to leverage SysTrack to handle their IT challenges.

The velocity framework is the culmination of knowledge, that Lakeside has built, completing projects for customers. Those projects leverage the Lakeside SysTrack platform that captures, processes and transforms 10,000 data points across the IT architecture from every endpoint, every 15 seconds.

Since the beginning of 2023, it has delivered over 70 blueprints with 35 customers, enabling them to realise $84 million in savings.

That knowledge is now distilled into 9 distinct blueprints within the framework. Each blueprint contains strategies, step by steps guides that enable customers to improve measurement, productivity and the return on investment for SysTrack. The initial nine blueprints are:

  • DEX Visibility
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Software License Optimization
  • Proactive IT Ops Resolution
  • Boot & Login Analysis
  • Endpoint Compliance & Governance
  • Self Help
  • Helpdesk Ticket Avoidance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
Guy Lever, SVP of Customer Success, Lakeside Software
Guy Lever, SVP of Customer Success, Lakeside Software

Guy Lever, SVP of Customer Success, Lakeside Software, commented, “We created the Velocity Framework to ensure our customers get the most from our platform not only to see value quickly but to continue to realize returns as they mature on their journey with SysTrack.

“The platform is designed to provide the insights needed to support employees with their technology needs and drive operational efficiencies for the enterprise in an expedited manner.” 

The difference these blueprints can make

These Blueprints will enable organisations to focus on transforming how they use the SysTrack platform. Often companies match their processes against systems and data without understanding that better best practices exist.

The framework will enable project managers and IT leaders to improve the use of SysTrack and demonstrate value from their purchase while improving the efficiency of operations. Customers already use these frameworks and have seen considerable benefits from the more formalised approach.

A large government agency decided to leverage the Hardware optimisation blueprint. The blueprint was used for what is no doubt a regular process of updating its laptop estate.

During the process, it was identified that rather than replacing with updated laptop hardware, 30% of them only required Chromebooks due to the usage requirements identified by SysTrack. Consequently, the project saved $1.5 million from the original estimated budget.

Helpdesk Ticket Avoidance Value Blueprint enables organisations to reduce employee incidents with proactive measures that eliminated 40% of helpdesk incidents at a major health insurance company.

The Software license optimisation value blueprint helps organisations to identify the installed license base and where they are used. Often these two numbers are further apart than expected. For one enterprise customer, it saved $750,000 in license fees from underutilised software.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

As companies drive towards delivering customer success, this is a sensible move by Lakeside. Importantly, it is self-service, and firms rely less on professional services to help deliver these improvements. Organisations can take the blueprints within the framework without having to engage expensive consultants unless they want to.

For Lakeside, it frees up those resources to focus on implementation and other projects. What is missing from this announcement is how customer success managers involve themselves in these blueprint projects. Also, how Lakeside will continue to maximise the knowledge customers will gain as they go through and iterate the blueprints themselves.


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