How to set your preferred font as a default in MS Word - Photo by Vladislav Babienko on UnsplashMicrosoft presents you with a particular font when you first install Word on your PC. Your company may well have a different font that they use as their house style. Not unreasonably. It can be very frustrating having to change the font each time you create a new letter or document. You could set up the correct font in a template, but as there may be times you need to create a new document which does not have a template to follow you may forget to change the font and thus get frustrated. Or worse have it sent to the client and be told after that the font was not the house style font!

To combat any chance of this happening and making your life easier and flow quicker follow my steps on how to set a font as a default. Always there ready for you as soon as you create a new document!

How to set a default font

  • Check what font is the correct house style font.
  • In a new document locate the font dialog box from the [Home Tab]. Home Tab

Font Dialog box

  • Locate and select the font you require.
  • Set the font style to Regular, Italic, Bold or Bold Italic and the size. If there is a house colour to the front set that here too. Along with any other settings found here.
  • At the bottom left corner of this dialog box, select the [Set and Default] button.

You are presented with this dialog box.

set default

  • Select the lower setting to save this font to [All documents based on the Normal.dotm template].

Your font is set as the default font for every new document you create from the [New] tool on the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT bar). New document tool

Or when you select [File], [New] [Blank document] from the [File Tab] New document from File

Should you elect to create a new document from a template that may have a different font. You will need to update the font once more. But I would say the house font should be applied to ALL documents in the same way otherwise it is not a real house style!

If there is ever a need to change the house style default font you do this by following the exact same steps. Please be aware that when you change this it will NOT change all previously created documents that have used the house style before! You are creating a new style for all future documents.


In enterprises, often the is controlled by the IT department and they may need to make the change to make it permanent.

If you find the default is reset every day – or you get an error when exiting word – that may be the case. If that happens Marketing and IT should work together to get the correct font set for you and your team.

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