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Tables in word are quite diverse. You have now read (I hope) my other three tips on tables. Create a simple table, draw a table, insert an Excel spreadsheet and now Insert a Quick table.

What is a Quick Table

Microsoft have created four sets of ready to use tables for your convenience. They are a little like templates but just the table bit.

  1. Calendar. There are 4 different styles.
  2. Double table.
  3. Matrix.
  4. Tabular list. There are 3 styles.


1. Calendar

From the Inset Tab.

Insert Tab

  • Select Table drop down arrow.

From the list.

Table list

  • Select Quick Tables.
  • Select the first choice in the calendar section.

A one month generic calendar is created as a table.

Calendar 1

I have made some changes to the table I was presented with.


As I said it’s just a table so edit it in the usual table way, not like you would in a calendar program such as Outlook. If you type more than the original cell allows the column or row will enlarge automatically.

Here are the other three styles of calendars.

Calendar 2 and 3
Calendar 4

2. Double Table

Double Table

Once again it’s just a table that you can edit to your requirements.

3. Matrix.


4. Tabular List

Tabular 1
Tabular 2
Tabular 3
So if you need a very quick table these examples will help you do that as the formatting is already there. You can embellish it to your taste.


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