silhouette wellbeing Image by Devanath from PixabaySkillsoft has partnered with GoodHabitz, a Netherlands-based online skills training and professional development provider. The combination will enable customers to access a more comprehensive content library to support mental health and well-being in the workplace and a broad range of skills, including personal productivity, leadership development, and communication.

Goodhabitz provides courses covering soft skills and technology in over 25 learning styles and over 15 languages. Courses are translated and localised, meaning that some content and wording are replaced rather than just translated. GoodHabitz supports French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, and German courses. The additional languages are localisations for Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, Argentinian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Swiss German, Flemish, Belgian French and global Spanish.

Last year it introduced microlearning, making it easier for employees to engage with its content. The partnership will enable Skillsoft to offer access to a subset of courses available from Goodhabitz, including Bye-Bye Burnout, Mind Your BrainOh Yes It’s StressThe Power of Sleep, and Zest for Life.

The pandemic highlights the importance of well-being for employees to organisations. The recent American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-being Survey highlighted this with several key findings:

  • 57% of workers have experienced a mental health condition within the past year.
  • 71% believe their employer is more concerned about employees’ mental health now than in the past.
  • 81% of individuals said they would be looking for workplaces that support mental health when they seek future job opportunities.

With employee retention and recruitment still challenging the importance of offering such courses internally, cannot be underestimated. Recent research by Docebo also highlighted the importance of L&D within organisations.

Rashim Mogha, GM of Leadership & Business, Skillsoft
Rashim Mogha, GM of Leadership & Business, Skillsoft

Rashim Mogha, GM of Leadership & Business, Skillsoft, commented, “Research shows that only 34% of employees say their company’s leadership speaks openly about mental health, and only three in five employees agree that their manager cares about their emotional well-being. This calls for organizations to do more to support their employees’ health and mental well-being.

“To deliver on their key strategic initiatives, organizations must ensure their employees can perform at their top potential. The relationship between work and wellness can no longer be fragmented. Adding GoodHabitz to our portfolio of content partners enables our customers to provide on-demand solutions to their employees to manage stress, be resilient, and leverage the skills developed using this content to flourish at work.”

Partnership strengthens Skillsoft platform

Entering into content partnerships such as this one, delivers Skillsoft customers a greater choice and access to quality training courses for their staff. This agreement extends the capabilities of the learning platform and confirms the open approach Skillsoft has to bringing in new but curated content providers to its platform. It is noteworthy that it is unclear whether all of the GoodHabitz content is available to Skillsoft users, nor whether there are any final implications for the parties involved.

Notably, this partnership aligns with Skillsoft’s core mission of propelling organizations and people to grow together by delivering transformative learning experiences and making learning convenient and widely accessible. With its open platform strategy and architecture, Skillsoft integrates leading partners’ content seamlessly to give organisations the flexibility they need to achieve their learning goals.

Sander Kok, COO & Head of GoodHabitz Studios, GoodHabitz, commented, “Skillsoft and GoodHabitz share a similar mission in that we are both dedicated to making learning an intrinsic part of the daily work routine.

“The key lies in providing a comprehensive library of content that incorporates a wide variety of courses delivered in a manner that is both fun and engaging. Additionally, with more than 25 learning methods, we’re able to offer personalized training that best fits and empowers each individual’s personal and professional development goals. We’re excited to bring our best-in-class leadership and wellness content to Skillsoft and are confident this will help organizations build the next generation of leaders and a healthier workforce.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This could be a good deal for both companies. The question is how GoodHabitz software will be presented on the Skillsoft platform and how the revenue sharing from using those courses will work. What isn’t clear from the press release is whether the courses mentioned above are all of the courses that Skillsoft will offer or whether customers will have access to the complete suite of training courses.

This is definitely good news for multinational countries with operations based in those countries where GoodHabitz has localisations. If there is a match, organisations can look to roll out consistent training courses for all their staff.

If not all courses are available to organisations, it may be worth looking further at the courses from GoodHabitz. Their pricing is fixed and based on the term and size of the company. Just this announcement could further boost the Dutch company’s prospects.


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