Key Image credit pixabay/qimonoAt Accountex, Sage announced the latest initiative following its new brand identity launch. The third Sage announcement shows how it wants to be seen to remove the friction from business and increase the flow of work. An earlier announcement saw it become the official insights partner for The Hundred, a cricket tournament for men and women with equal prize money.

The other saw the launch of a global marketing campaign. it features videos of real customers demonstrating how Sage has helped their business. This latest announcement continues the support it announced for Accountants and Bookkeepers when it launched its brand and announced Sage Membership.

Neal Watkins, EVP Small Business Segment, Sage
Neal Watkins, EVP Small Business Segment, Sage

Sage is extending Sage Membership with educational resources. Accountants and Bookkeepers can use them to learn more about Making Tax Digital. They can also learn how to leverage digital technology to increase revenues and profitability. Alongside this, a new ROI (Return on Investment) calculator provides insight into how MTD for ITSA could impact their business.

Neal Watkins, EVP Product, Sage, commented: “We’re in an unprecedented time. Our industry is in the wake of the biggest shift we have seen for 25 years – and our mission is to help UK businesses to be ready for what’s next. MTD for ITSA offers accountants the opportunity to be more productive, but first they must understand the impact on their practice. The tools we are offering helps them to unlock this potential, making it simple for them to deliver for their clients.”

ROI Calculator

Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment is an opportunity that Accountants and Bookkeepers should not ignore. However, how does one identify what the potential is for your business? The calculator aims to answer that simple question.

Accountants that enter a set of information around their practice and the software they currently use, are provided with a calculation that reveals the time saving that Sage software can deliver to their practice. It also shows the amount of additional revenue and clients that it could help them gain. Those registering will also receive a report that delivers further insights on how to turn the opportunity into reality.

The report includes information about what is changing and the impact it will have, what actions firms need to take so that their service remain relevant. It also details how automation can help their practice, improving efficiency and profitability if correctly deployed.


The new masterclasses will provide attendees information on  how to build a clear, confident, and profitable plan for MTD for ITSA. The courses include Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits indicating that they are valuable time spent. Available through Sage for Accountants it forms part of the recently announced Sage Membership.

The 4 hour on-demand masterclass includes details of a 4-step success plan that Sage aims to further support accountants on with Sage Consultants providing 1-2-1 advice where needed.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Sage is delivering on its initial promise for Sage Membership and its new identity. Whether it can keep the cadence of news up is another matter. However, what it has achieved so far is a great first step. These announcements are very UK focused. It will need to ensure that it delivers similar initiatives in the US and other regions to maintain its global outlook.


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