(Image credit/Pixabay/un-perfekt)Brightpearl has recently published a new report that analyses the emergence of a significant new trend in retail. ‘Tis the season to be Scaleable’ highlights the increasing popularity of online spending in non-traditional channels. This includes channels such as TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitch and voice commerce and their likely impact on the holiday seasons.

Enterprise Times spoke to Mark Hook, Global Director of PR & Communications at Brightpearl. Mark suggested four tips for retailers, brands and online merchants to survive and thrive in this new hyper scaleable era.

1. Review and audit your customer base

This will massively help your business understand where your customers want to be shopping in addition to the type of services they’re looking for. This will essentially help you to plan for the future.

2. Read your customer reviews

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Mark Hooks)
Mark Hook, Global Director of PR & Communications at Brightpearl

It is important for retailers and brands to regularly review their ratings and reviews. By checking your reviews irrespective of five stars or one star, it allows brands to identify the gaps.

Examine the end-to-end service workflow and see where those gaps can be plugged. It is essential businesses undertake this research and discovery from the customer base by asking them directly. But then checking the reviews to see where things are maybe working well, and where they are falling down. This will help businesses to plan better for the hyper scalable era.

3. Do the research

There is a lot of retail industry research out there. One of our partners Parcelhub have just completed a great report on technology investment areas for 2022. A quick tip is to examine those investment areas and see where brands of different sizes are looking to place their technology investments next year. This will quickly help your business understand why particular brands are making specific technology investments including investments in particular alternative channels that will set them up to thrive in the hyper scalable era.

4. And finally…….

Read the Brightpearl report! It will give you some solid advice on how to survive and thrive in the hyper scalable era.


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