Unanet has awarded the Fran Craig Grant to The Women’s Center for its Adolescent Youth Initiative. The Woman’s Center is a non-profit based in Northern Virginia. It aims to significantly improve all community members’ mental health and well-being through counselling, education, support, and advocacy. The non-profit is headquartered in Vienna, VA, and has an office in Washington. Unanet will donate $30,000 to fund teen mental health initiatives for the next three years.

The award is named in honour of Fran Craig, the founder of Unanet. The grant is an intrinsic part of Unanet United, the firm’s philanthropic arm that aims to advance communities socially, academically and economically.

Fran Craig, the founder of Unanet, commented, “Many of Unanet’s beneficiaries have focused on STEM and technology, and those continue to be focal areas for Unanet United, but this year we felt it was critical to recognize the toll the COVID-19 has had on families and teens. The Women’s Center is committed to helping teens of all backgrounds cope with the mental health stressors they are experiencing. This helps our Northern Virginia community thrive both near-term and long-term.”

What will the Fran Craig Grant fund?

The grant will fund part of an initiative to hire a therapist and program coordinator for its Teen Resiliency Program. The program aims to address the mental health crisis for young adults. It has been exacerbated by social isolation, financial instabilities, and infection-related fear. This is in addition to the normal challenges teenagers face.

Rachna Krishnan, CEO and Executive Director of The Women’s Center, commented, “Fran Craig is an inspiration to the millions of girls, teens and women who are breaking down barriers in the business world. The first step in any woman’s success is a healthy mind and body. This grant will provide the foundation for success, and we are grateful to Unanet for it and for the strong relationship the company has built with The Women’s Center.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is not the first donation that Unanet has made to this non-profit. Unanet has been a corporate partner of the Women Center for more than twelve years. It is, however, the largest donation in recent times. Importantly it will provide a substantial boost to a worthy initiative that supports the centre’s mission.

The Women’s Centre is a well established non-profit that also partners with several other corporations. It is working with CGI, Attain, Criterion Systems, NTT Data Services,  Accenture and Cisco.


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