Cleo Logistics CTSI-Global (Image credit/pixabay/Tumisu)Cleo continues to target the logistics sector, and its partnership with CTSI-Global is a major example of this. A few weeks ago, it announced that its Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) for Logistics & Transportation solution was used by more than 500 logistics and transportation businesses. The partnerships with CTSI-Global could accelerate that rapidly. CTSI-Global provides Honeybee TMS (transportation management system) and supply chain consulting services to more than 20,000 carriers. It is one of the largest private freight bill audit and payment services provider. It leverages Cleo Integration Cloud to provide integration across its suite to other applications

Trey Willis, chief technology officer at CTSI-Global, said: “Adding Cleo to our partner ecosystem means CTSI-Global’s support of EDI, data, and application integration‎ is second to none. Cleo Integration Cloud enables us to optimize business transactions through API-based, EDI, or non-EDI integrations, so we can integrate nearly any content provider into our ecosystem.

“It reduces the level of effort required by our IT staff to support integrations. We have improved reliability and visibility with any type of integrations within our systems, from EDI for orders and deliveries, to carrier feeds for invoices, tracking feeds, and pickup notifications, as well as integration with suppliers for their purchase orders and advanced shipment notifications. Whatever a client needs, with Cleo we can handle it.”   

Stronger in combination

The Cleo Integration cloud enables CTSI-Global to easily and quickly integrate its solutions with third-party applications. The integration provides both data and process connections. An example, the connections to CTSI-Global trading partners such as UPS, XPO, FedEx, Coyote, DHL, and CH Robinson. These connections enable CTSI-Global to provide business intelligence in near real-time about shipments to customers. Using that data, they create operational dashboards and provide insights that customers can make critical business decisions.

Furthermore, the integration enables CTSI Global to:

  • Support the continually expanding array of trading partner network solutions and additional protocols.
  • Deliver higher levels of guaranteed uptime and availability on data translation and data transmission platforms.
  • Implement solutions faster and more efficiently through rapid client/carrier onboarding and easier connection with trading partners.
  • Ensure a highly secure, distributed, and resilient architecture exceeding SLA requirements.
  • Reduce the burden on IT resources to support integration.

Willis added: “We are 100% committed to remaining perpetually focused on the enhancement and maturation of our ecosystem platform, to make it as responsive as possible to our clients’ ever-changing needs. Thanks to Cleo we are making file transfer (MFT), and electronic data interchange (EDI) processes easier, and by opening them to the API-first world of the cloud, we’re making it easier for our clients to succeed.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Is this a partner story, a customer story, or a new partnership announcement by Cleo? It is a bit unclear. This partnership has been in place for a while. It does show that Cleo is finding a successful niche in the crowded IpaaS market by focusing on the logistics industry. If it continues to focus on building out the integrations within this sector, it should gain a lead over rivals. In time it will become the de-facto choice for others. Interestingly it is also a sector that could lead to others. Sectors such as eCommerce, manufacturing, and others that also require connections to logistics providers. The partnership with CTSI-Global means that it will reach a far wider audience than going direct.

Mahesh Rajasekharan, President and CEO of Cleo
Mahesh Rajasekharan, President and CEO of Cleo

Mahesh Rajasekharan, president and CEO of Cleo, commented: “While Cleo is well known for innovation when marquis customers like CTSI-Global get ahold of our ecosystem integration platform, there’s truly no limit to what they can make it do. CTSI-Global is a prime example of how an entire industry, in this case logistics, can be disrupted and improved through ecosystem integration technology. We are extremely proud to be a central fixture in CTSI-Global’s continuously evolving and customer-focused solution.” 


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