Robot Automation - Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay Anthesis has announced a partnership with Original Software, the software testing vendor. The combination provides expertise from Anthesis and a testing solution from Original for Infor M3. It will allow Anthesis to deliver upgrades and implementations of Infor M3 faster and with a higher level of due diligence using the Original TestDrive software.

The combination will ease the burden of technological change management with Anthesis providing best practices for using Infor M3 and TestDrive removing the burden of testing. The TestDrive solution is code free and will highlight differences in software during the upgrade process. Embedded Artificial Intelligence enables it adapt to changing screen design so that test scripts do not need to be rewritten with every upgrade.

TestDrive is underpinned by five core pillars:

  • It is code free and suitable for business analysts or expert users to use.
  • Regression ready automatically identifies and highlights hard to see application changes
  • It tests end to end from Smart office through the web systems, and even green screen systems
  • Its adapts to change using AI driven adaptability, the tests automatically deal with changes
  • Lower TCO because of scripts survivability and ease of adoption
George Wilson, Head of Sales and Operations at Original Software
George Wilson, Head of Sales and Operations at Original Software

George Wilson, Head of Sales and Operations at Original Software commented: “Different customers have different objectives, whether the focus is saving time and effort, cost reduction or eliminating risk. One of our customers told me recently, just before they went live with a major upgrade, that he was relaxed knowing that everything would work perfectly – which it did!”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is not the only Infor partner that Original works with. It also has a relationship with Infor Merit, the firm that Infor acquired in 2016 and LeanSwift a US based Infor M3 partner. TestDrive also works with several other applications including SAP, Oracle ERP (Fusion and R12), Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

This combination should mean that Anthesis can deliver projects faster as it will free up consultants times. It also has the potential to reduce costs for customers. For Anthesis it will enable them to scale, delivering more projects as they look to grow the organisation.


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