simPRO mobile (2) 2018 simPROsimPRO has announced the first version of a new mobile app. simPRO mobile is available initially for Android devices. It will add an iOS version in due course.

Customers get the app for free if they have a mobility license, which is included in a field license. It includes functionality for quotes and sales and enhances the selling capability of field engineers. The update was announced in a blog by Madeline Reynolds.

Sales and quotation functionality

The app contains three key areas of functionality at the moment:

Agenda and Drafts: This displays both the jobs for the current day and outstanding draft quotations that the engineer and access and update. It includes a section for jobs that are specifically assigned to the individual.

Create Quote or Job: Field engineers are able to create or amend jobs/estimates using this functionality. They are also able to add new customers and locations as part of the process. The functionality is currently limited to the creation of service jobs only, though products can be added. The user can create options for different jobs. For example, they could offer create bronze, silver or gold level service options to customers in a single quotation. Once selected the chosen solution is uploaded to simPRO Enterprise for processing. This ability to deliver at the point of contact the options significantly improves the chance of an up sell.

Present estimates and bill: This enables users to display an estimate to customers. The functionality allows uses to display discounts and upsell opportunities. It also includes the option to display product images and supporting materials using a URL. This functionality also reformats itself automatically depending upon whether it is viewed on a mobile or tablet device.

There is a caveat here, in the accompanying notes simPRO recommends that companies limit the number of items available from their catalogue to ensure the app is fast. For companies with 100’s of SKU’s this is a sensible suggestion as scrolling through tens of line items to find the correct one is difficult on a mobile.

Once completed, the user can process the bill, add the appropriate tax element and upload the job to simPRO Enterprise. The content accessed is limited only to the supporting website and could even include videos.

Meeting the requirement of field sales

Sensibly simPRO has also included an offline version. Access to the interest is still required for some functionality but it is possible to create and edit quotes, only synchronising with simPRO Enterprise once connectivity is restored. When in a property with a customer, quotes can be completed though access to online information would not be available.

What does this mean

This is the first of several updates planned for the simPRO mobile app. While no date is given for the iOS release the logo for downloaded the app does appear on the supporting video indicating that it is almost certainly imminent. There is no indication as to the functionality that simPRO will release next for its mobile app.

One of the key benefits of this app is the ability to work remotely without the access back to simPRO Enterprise required. It enables field engineers to complete their work while on site without the requirement to return to an office or stop between jobs to complete a task. Why add sales and quote rather than job tracking?

For small businesses the ability to sell on the spot and close the next service contract without leaving the premises is important. Customers are almost certainly more amenable to signing up after a job has been completed successfully.


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