Screenshots of Expensify integration with FinancialForce (Image credit Expensify)
Screenshots of Expensify integration with FinancialForce

Expensify has announced that it has deepened its integration with FinancialForce. The automation of expenses is one of the most important things for professional services organisations. Not only does it deliver considerable time saving but also improves the time to recovery of the costs. The integration between the two cloud software solutions is a two way synchronisation.

Jason Mills, Director of Sales and Success at Expensify commented: “We wanted to give current and prospective customers – many of whom run their businesses entirely on Salesforce – a more robust, intuitive solution that grows with their needs. Our deeper integration with FinancialForce systems takes away the back-and-forth busywork that typically ties together the expense management and accounting processes.”

Deeper integration

Johnny Ola VP Global Alliances and Business Development at FinancialForce (image credit Linkedin)
Johnny Ola
VP Global Alliances and Business Development at FinancialForce

An example of the improved functionality is that FinancialForce administrators can choose to import tax codes and up to four levels of dimensions, or levels of account code. From Expensify they can bring in expenses as payable invoices with status and relevant date. The integration is also real-time so that expense accounts created in FinancialForce will automatically appear in Expensify.

Johnny Ola, VP of Global Alliances and Business Development at FinancialForce said: “We’re excited that Expensify has released a new version of its integration with FinancialForce to offer a more seamless way for our mutual customers to manage expense reports. We can’t wait to see the expanded time savings and user-experience benefits that our mutual customers will achieve in the future.”

For organisations using the FinancialForce PSA software the integration imports details of projects. Users are able to code assignments, projects and milestones. The expenses are also exportable as expenses reports and tax amounts as billable or non billable.

What does this mean

FinancialForce has always had API’s. However, there seems to be a new energy of openness from the accounting and professional services automation solution. The recent announcement with Vena about a deeper partnership is one indication of that. It seems likely that this is a trend that will not slow down.

That Expensify has chosen to deepen the integration with FinancialForce is good news. It also shows that they believe the company will expand their footprint.


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