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Unit4 has announced that Carglass GMBH has selected prevero for its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. The cloud-based software will replace the Excel spreadsheets that Carglass has struggled with over the last few years. The new software will make its business planning, budgeting and forecasting processes more efficient. Carglass only upgraded their ERP system, Oracle EBS to version 12 last year. It is a surprise that they have now selected prevero for CPM. There is, however, no indication about why prevero was selected over Oracle CPM, though perhaps price was one of the factors.

Functionally rich and meeting the challenge

Carglass has 330 branches in Germany and previously used Excel to manually consolidate much of the data. The use of prevero to do this consolidation will significantly reduce the time taken by the finance teams. This will allow them to carry out strategic and value add activities. They will also have better information to advise the business on decision making. That information will also be up to date as opposed to the historic reporting that they used to provide. With prevero, the decision making by the window replacement company will be agile.

Marko Klapproth, Finance Controlling Manager at Carglass commented: “As an expanding business generating a lot of information around the diverse services we undertake for our customers, we recognise the importance of having full transparency and accuracy when it comes to our data management as well as our financial and operational planning processes. Indeed, we are dealing with around 1.6 million customer invoices each year and that is growing, so it was clear to us that our Excel based systems were simply not capable of keeping up with our informational and planning needs. In selecting prevero we have both a solution that will enable us to achieve a significantly higher degree of accuracy in budgeting and clearer insights into our data as well as a partner who understands the needs of our business.”

What does this mean

Alexander Springer, CEO and co-founder of prevero (Image credit Linkedin)
Alexander Springer, CEO and co-founder of prevero

Carglass will use prevero for more than just budgeting and forecasting. It will use it to assist with planning such as employment assignment, investment, balance sheet and cash flow calculations.

This is a solid win for prevero and noteworthy because of the use of Oracle at Carglass in Germany. Alexander Springer, CEO and co-founder of prevero said: “Carglass is a major brand in Germany and we are delighted that our solutions and approach to this project are helping to ensure it achieves its objectives. This is a long term partnership for us and we are excited about the benefits we are delivering already and to seeing Carglass expand this success in the future.”


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