Can Jaxx create integrated blockchain Image credit Pixabay/G4889166
Can Jaxx create integrated blockchain
Anthony Di Iorio, CEO & Founder at Jaxx (Image source Linkedin)
Anthony Di Iorio, CEO & Founder at Jaxx

Integrating blockchain projects, platforms and exchanges matter if digital currencies are to generate and keep broad appeal. The announcement by Decentral of its Jaxx product introduces a user-controlled, multi-asset, multi-platform digital currency wallet and exchange with support for 70+ partners and integrations.

“We are bringing together all facets of the blockchain ecosystem with Jaxx to provide a universal interoperable interface so that non-technical people, like my dad, can easily use these decentralized technologies,” said Anthony Di Iorio, Founder and CEO of Decentral. “Simple tools and intuitive UI / UX will bring adoption to the masses and assist all projects and companies.”

Simple point of entry for blockchain integration

Partners will integrate with the Jaxx universal key management system and backend blockchain infrastructures. The objective is to create a simple point of entry into various areas of blockchain technology, including:

  • user-controlled payments and exchange
  • identity
  • communications
  • value movement privacy
  • smart contracts
  • document signing
  • decentralized storage.

Selected partner details

A selection of those committing to Jaxx include:

  • RSK Labs (which operates a smart contract platform with a two-way peg to the Bitcoin blockchain)
  • BitPay (arguably the most experienced company in bitcoin payments, with tools for spending, accepting, and building with Bitcoin)
  • Coinbase (the digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies)
  • (which enables anyone to save 15% off Amazon when paying with Bitcoin)
  • Bittrex (providing both individuals and businesses with buying and selling digital tokens for trade execution)
  • Blockchain Capital (a venture capital firm specialising in investing in blockchain tech companies and tokens)
  • BitGo (for businesses to integrate digital currencies into existing financial systems)
  • Civic (verified identity for multi-factor authentication on web and mobile apps without the need for usernames or passwords)
  • Changelly (a multi-currency exchange service to provide solutions for the ‘last mile’ problem of crypto exchanges)
  • Trezor (a hardware wallet which supports both Bitcoin and Ethereum)
  • Ledger Wallet (a blockchain hardware wallet for cold storage for multiple digital currencies)
  • Opendime (a small USB stick for spending of Bitcoins akin to a dollar bill)
  • QTUM (a hybrid blockchain application platform aimed at building blockchains for business, with a strong foothold in China).
  • Coinfabrik ( for customers to define product specifications, design user interfaces, integrate applications, and deploy products).
  • Signatura (a secure and resilient digital signature platform)
  • Wall of Coins (which directly connects buyers and sellers of digital currencies)
  • Bitnovo (the simple purchase of Bitcoin and offers a refillable wallet card).

Why it matters

Digital currencies need a broad acceptance to succeed. With so many different blockchain and digital currency initiatives fighting to establish themselves, any initiative which brings together a broad base of participants has to be welcome.

In that context, Jaxx aspires to be the tool to deliver digital currencies and digital assets to the masses. Its partners and integrations hope Jaxx will create a unified, cross-platform experience for all.

If Jaxx becomes a dashboard for all things blockchain – with a simple, intuitive experience tailored to both newcomers and power users – it will deliver in an area where blockchain (and digital currencies) have failed in the past. If it assists in a sort-out of the strong from the weak, better still.

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