Results Celebrus - image credit Pixabay/GeraltCelebrus announced its full-year results for the year ending March 31st 2024 and published its annual report. It has been a solid year of growth, reflected in the share price, which has consistently increased over the last year. The stock closed on the 11th of July at 254.90. This was only 0.1 points down from its biggest ever high in January. It seems likely the rise will continue with the outlook remaining strong.

The key figures included:

  • Total revenue rose by 52% to £32.6 million
  • ARR rose 20.9% to £20.2 million and represents 92% of software revenue, up 3% year over year
  • Software Revenue rose 14.7% to £22 million

The company achieved a gross profit margin of £52.7 million. This was down from 60.2% the previous year, and Celebrus blamed third-party hardware margins for the decline.

Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus (image credit - LinkedIn/Bill Bruno)
Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus

Bill Bruno, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “I’m very pleased that this year has been one of tremendous progress operationally, commercially and strategically. We have completed the refocus of the group to being a software sales business while delivering a strong financial performance. We are now ready for the next stage of growth.”

That next stage of growth has already started, with the Outlook for FY 2025 in line with expectations. Celebrus is also considering acquisitions in the next financial year/ With Bruno considering an income-accretive add-on solution in the Marketing Automation space with an ARR of several millions.

What happened over the last year

Celebrus has been investing on all fronts. It has restructured its sales team to specific verticals and increased its focus on onboarding and customer success. This has led to net new logos in Healthcare (US), Finance, and Retail, as well as upsells to existing clients. Customer announcements last year included World Wide Lightning.

The investment in the product has also resulted in new features, combined with new partnerships. The combination has furthered the attraction of the Celebrus technology stack. In July 2023, it introduced three new features to power up its real-time customer data and fraud prevention platform.

  • Machine Learning powered Model Scoring
  • High-Performance Bot Detection
  • Generative AI Capabilities

It has also added Celebrus Digital Analytics and new digital identity enhancements.

Its investment in people continues, with new modern offices recently opened in India and the UK. Its second annual employer survey saw employee engagement rise, and Celebrus continues to develop its approach across D&I and enable employees to participate in ESG activities.

Vicky Baker commented in the annual report, “Continuing to develop employee satisfaction and our culture has been a key focus this year. Employees tell us they are happier in their job than they were a year ago.”

Looking forward to the recent partnership with Merkle and the launch of CXM Signals should bring further success in the coming year from a new demographic. The solution combines Celebrus technology with Merkle’s global services.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

With a strong set of results from Celebrus and with some solid plans in place for growth, the future looks bright. Revenue is increasing and the company is also shifting successfully to a SaaS model. If the new relationship with Merkle is an indication of what partnerships we can expect from Celebrus, the company could look forward to another solid year.

Key to this is its solutions, which are in the right place at the right time. Organisations increasingly desire to reduce fraud and increase personalisation, if not individualisation, for their customers. The Celebrus platform provides the opportunity of increasing revenues and reducing costs with its intelligence. In terms of the acquisition, if Celebrus can find the right marketing automation company to acquire, the combination could be a powerful prospect.


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