Outvio (credit image/Pixabay/Tung Lam)Outvio, a provider of post-purchase platform for eCommerce, has released Outvio Desk, an AI-powered customer support platform. The solution is designed for online shops and the company says, it is set to transform customer support for the eCommerce industry.

Outvio Desk contains multiple innovative and unique features that set it apart from existing customer support solutions. Unlike other support tools, It was purposely built for online stores. Outvio Desk natively collects all data related to online orders, customers, deliveries, and returns/exchanges.

With built-in AI-guided automation, repetitive, often time-consuming, delivery and other issues are solved on auto-pilot. The company says this is something unique in the industry.
Outvio Desk is fully integrated with other Outvio suite products, creating the first holistic eCommerce customer journey solution.

In addition to traditional email and chat, Outvio Desk also integrates social media channels as standard. Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp engagement can be managed without ever leaving the Outvio Desk. This enables customer communication in completely new ways throughout the shopping and delivery process.

The innovation continues with pricing. There are no extra charges to add agents or to process tickets. Outvio offers unlimited agents and tickets in a single plan with all the functionality eCommerce brands need.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Juan Borras)
Juan Borras, CEO of Outvio

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of a successful eCommerce business,” Juan Borras, CEO of Outvio. “With Outvio Desk, we have taken customer support to the next level. Providing eCommerce businesses a centralised single point of truth with tools needed to provide exceptional service, resolve issues quickly, and build lasting customer relationships.”

Impact on eCommerce Businesses

  • Outvio Desk is already being adopted by leading eCommerce brands in Europe and the US with outstanding results.
  • An average decrease of 38% in the number of agents needed to offer the same or better customer support experience has been reported thanks to AI-driven automation. For agents this means not having to multi-home between applications and self-service support for end customers.
  • Early adopters also reported an increase in operational efficiency, claiming a reduction of up to 40% in the time needed to solve customer queries. This is due to the unified nature of Outvio Desk and other post-purchase tools included in the Outvio suite. Reduced workload for warehouse, marketing and business development teams was also revealed.
  • Other improvements included a boost in customer satisfaction and retention, enhanced brand reputation, and increased sales. This is due to the cumulative effect of providing superior support. Shopping experiences were also considered a major driver of additional sales and referrals.

Outvio Desk is a game-changer for eCommerce businesses. It is also a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise eCommerce,” added Borras. “With the addition of this innovative product to the Outvio suite, businesses can transform their customer support from a cost centre to a strategic key asset that drives customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue growth.”

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Brands and retailers often invest tremendous amounts of time, effort and resources to get consumers to click the buy button. However, what is often neglected is the post-purchase journey which is often completed by a range of tools and applications. This could include various solutions dealing with order fulfilment, abandoned baskets, customer services, shipping, tracking, automated returns, exchanges, customer notifications, reviews and ratings,… the list goes on. This is why the solutions provided by Outvio are quite appealing.

The promise of managing all the post-purchase functionality under a single platform should be very attractive to retailers and brands. It removes the need to manage multiple platforms and associated partners or agencies. Furthermore, if the Outvio solution is intuitive and simple to use, it would enable staff members to work on more productive activities.

Outvio suggests enterprises pivot their customer services from a reactive mode, dealing with customer issues, to a proactive service. This would drive customer satisfaction and retention and actively look for revenue growth. Outvio says it intends to revolutionise eCommerce customer support with the launch of its Outvio Desk solution. Only time and positive use cases will support this ambition.


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