Button Image Credit Pixabay\TUmisuInspire Planner is rolling out a new release for its project management App. With an impressive update to its Gantt Chart functionality. The release was rolled into sandboxes this week and will be available in production on 27th February. Besides the general availability of the Gantt Lightning Web components, there are several other feature improvements and bug fixes. Built on the Salesforce platform, the solution provides a powerful project management tool. With which users can download from the Salesforce AppExchange.

The new Gantt chart feature was previously in beta. This release sees the general availability of what is a substantial piece of work for the PSA vendor. Built on the Salesforce Lightning user experience platform. Inspire Planner has built a portable web component that can be added to any object within Salesforce.

What is the Gantt Lightning Web Component

The new component is incredibly flexible. When creating each project, whether Agile, Waterfall, of a simple task list, the user is able to fully customise the Gantt chart view. They can choose what colours to use for elements such as overall project health, budget, Schedule, Resources, Risks and Issues. This not only personalises projects the Gantt view, but it also means that users can select colours that are more accessible.

From the Gantt chart, they are able to add, delete and change tasks. Using a toolbar that uses simple icons as a reminder. Not only does this make the toolbar smaller it also means it is constantly available without interfering with the screen real estate.

The options enable the user to create, delete and move elements. Change the view by zooming in or out, collapsing tasks or even switching to a kanban or task list view of the project. The Gantt is also interactive so that users can drag and drop tasks, create dependencies, shift the timeline quickly, or extend the duration of a task. Users can also freeze certain columns on the left-hand side, such as task subject, row number, and Chatter.

Inspire Planner LWC Gantt component
Inspire Planner LWC Gantt component

When defining dependencies, Inspire Planner supports the four predecessor types.

  • Finish to Start (FS) – The task start date is dependent on when its predecessor finishes.
  • Start to Start (SS) – The task start date is dependent on when its predecessor starts. The earliest date that the task can start is its predecessor’s start date.
  • Finish to Finish (FF) – The task finish date is dependent on when its predecessor finishes. The earliest date that the task can be finished is its predecessor’s finish date.
  • Start to Finish (SF) – The task finish date is dependent on its predecessor’s start date.

Once defined, Inspire Planner will automatically adjust and reschedule dependent tasks, giving the project manager a quick view of the impact it has. Assigning tasks to resources is simple; merely double-click the assigned to icon, and the project manager can quickly search and find the relevant resource. This is not a sophisticated resource management tool, but for most companies, simplicity is often best.

Other updates

Inspire Planner has not yet deprecated the old style Gantt, and users can define which Gantt they wish to use for each project: Gantt Visualforce or Gantt LWC. There are several other usability improvements, both for the lightning elements of Inspire Planner and the legacy elements.

These include:

  • Within Project: Users are able to automatically assign tasks to resources using Project Teams and roles. With this new feature, users can now define when the tasks are assigned.
  • Within Time entry: It is now possible to set up a reminder that will automatically send an email to users if they have not logged any time entries within the last 7 days.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean?

This is a significant update by Inspire Planner that leverages the Lightning UI to give users a modern, configurable and interactive interface. It is one of the advantages that Inspire Planner has by being built on the Salesforce platform. The hard-to-code components are already completed, enabling the Inspire Planner team to create a practical and efficient way for project managers to oversee their projects.


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