Adobe Express (credit image/Pixabay/ptra)Adobe has released its all-new Adobe Express, announcing the general availability for desktop web. The latest version of the AI-first, all-in-one content creation app incorporates Firefly beta generative AI capabilities. Adobe says it will revolutionise creative expression. Making it fast, easy and fun for users of all skill levels to design and share standout content.

The innovations in Express bring the precision of Adobe’s popular photo, design, video, document and generative AI tools into a new AI-first, all-in-one editor. This makes tasks like creating stunning social video content, touching up images, importing, editing and decorating PDFs and laying out designs easier.

The solution is being used by millions of users globally—spanning all skill levels—to create captivating social content, compelling videos. In addition to visually stunning PDFs, digital cards and flyers, engaging book reports and resumes, and much more. Available globally and with Firefly generative AI now supporting prompts in 100+ languages. The company says it’s even easier for Express users to generate high-quality images, create stunning text effects, streamline workflows and improve productivity in their language of choice, all within Express. These AI-driven features are available on desktop web, with plans to bring the latest version of Express to mobile soon.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Govind Balakrishnan)
Govind Balakrishnan, Senior VP, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services

According to Govind Balakrishnan, Senior VP, Adobe Express and Digital Media Services, “With ground breaking innovations and generative AI its core. We are supporting our ever-expanding user base. The all-new Express is revolutionizing how people turn ideas into stunning content. We are just getting started with exciting innovations across image creation, design, video, audio, PDFs and more still to come.”

Express in Enterprises

For enterprises, Express bridges workflows between creative professionals and marketers through integrations into Creative Cloud applications. It also supports Experience Manager. With Express and Firefly for Enterprise, any employee across an organisation can generate beautiful, ready-to-share content.

Bridget Esposito, VP and Group Creative Director, Prudential says “Adobe Express has empowered creatives to focus on high-impact, high-value work. At the same time equipping other teams with a powerful but easy-to-use design tool. We can bypass repetitive, manual tasks and save time without compromising our brand or creative output.”

Ensuring that our brand is represented correctly and coherently in the digital world is paramount. A task that is distributed across many of our global teams. With Adobe Express, we are creating outstanding and brand uniform content in a way that’s scalable,” said Christina Lehnert, digital brand experience manager, Carl Zeiss AG.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business.

Increasingly in this digital world, content remains king. Enterprises, irrespective of size or sector must generate interesting and engaging content to initiate and maintain relationships with customers. Furthermore, content creation is a collaborative effort, often requiring input from a variety of different resources and skillsets.

Any seamless integrations of the applications involved in the content creative process democratise creativity beyond design teams. It should enable organisations to create, collaborate and deliver content velocity at scale. Many enterprises are adopting Express to enhance the productivity of creative teams. Doing so supports marketing organisations to quickly and easily create on-brand content that stands out.

The all-new Adobe Express with Adobe Firefly beta is now ready for general availability. Furthermore, Express is included in most Creative Cloud plans with support for workflows across Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. It will be interesting to read future use cases on the effectiveness and impact of Adobe Express across enterprises.


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