Adobe (credit image/Pexel/Cotton-bro studio)Adobe has announced the global expansion of Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models. The solution supports text prompts in over 100 languages. This enables users across the world to generate images and text effects using native languages in the standalone Firefly web service. The service will be localised in 20 languages with versions in French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese available now.

Adobe intends to broaden Firefly’s reach to millions of new users – spanning all experience levels. The company says empowering them to confidently generate content that is designed to be safe for commercial use. Users have already generated over one billion assets on the Firefly website and in Photoshop. This makes these two of Adobe’s most successful beta releases in the company’s history, in just over three months.

Since its launch in March, Firefly has been integrated into Photoshop, Express and Illustrator, helping customers build their creative confidence. This is achieved by removing the barriers between imagination and blank pages. Adobe says bringing even more precision, power, speed and ease directly into Creative Cloud applications and workflows.

(Credit image/LinkedIn/Ely Greenfield)
Ely Greenfield, CTO, Digital Media at Adobe

According to Ely Greenfield, CTO, Digital Media at Adobe, “We’ve been amazed at how creators have been using Firefly. Creating more than a billion gorgeous images and text effects. Our announcement is about making Firefly accessible to more people in their preferred languages. So, they can continue to leverage our unique model to bring their imagination to life. Creating the highest quality assets that are safe for commercial use.”

Firefly also provides:

  • Firefly for Enterprise

Adobe plans to enable businesses to custom train Firefly with their own branded assets. This generates content in the brand’s unique style and brand language. Firefly for Enterprise addresses the growing demand of digital content at scale, helping enterprises streamline and accelerate content creation while optimising costs. The new company-wide offering enables every employee across an organisation, at any creative skill level, to use Firefly. Adobe says they can generate beautiful, on-brand, ready-to-share content that can be seamlessly edited in Express or Creative Cloud. Enterprises also can obtain an IP indemnity from Adobe for content generated by certain Firefly-powered workflows. This allows them to deploy it across their organisation with confidence.

  • Transparency for digital content

Generative AI is becoming more prevalent. Consumers deserve to know whether content was generated or edited by AI. Firefly content is trained on a unique dataset and automatically tagged with Content Credentials. Bringing critical trust and transparency to digital content. Content Credentials are a free, open-source technology that serve as a digital “nutrition label.” They can show information such as name, date and the tools used to create an image. In addition to any edits made to that image. They remain associated with content wherever it is used, published or stored. Enabling proper attribution and helping consumers make informed decisions about digital content. Content Credentials were designed by Adobe in partnership with the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and over 1,500 global members. This included AFP, the Associated Press, the BBC, Getty Images, Leica, Microsoft, Nikon, Omnicom, Reuters, Stability AI, The Wall Street Journal, Universal Music Group (UMG) and more.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

Adobe has an impressive history of purposefully developed AI innovations to transform its industry-leading creative tools. Boosting everything from initial exploration to ideation and production. The company has continued its creator-focused approach with Firefly as a creative co-pilot. Since its launch in March, Firefly has been integrated into Photoshop, Express and Illustrator. This has helped customers build their creative confidence by removing the barriers between imagination and blank pages. Adobe’s standalone Firefly web service now supports text prompts in over 100 languages. Helping users to generate high-quality images, create stunning text effects, streamline workflows and improve productivity in their language of choice.

Adobe is confident about their solutions. It plans to expand Firefly user interface to 20+ languages, with versions in French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Firefly’s expansion across Adobe’s portfolio of products is expected to enable users to use Firefly to accelerate content supply chain production. This is another major direction by Adobe to integrate Generative AI into existing creative workflows across Creative Cloud.


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