Orchestra Image by Ernesto Eslava from PixabaySalesloft has further enhanced its AI-powered revenue workflow platform with the launch of Rhythm as part of the Summer 23 release. Rhythm does what it says. It enables sellers to maintain a selling rhythm, leveraging insights provided by signals from across multiple channels. Conductor AI powers it, which takes many signals and evolves them into insights that actions sellers can undertake. As an orchestra conductor listens and adapts his players to complete a symphony, Conductor AI helps build the Rhythm towards a deal.

Rhythm ingests signals from different sources, including over 20 Salesloft partners such as HighspotG2Vidyard, or Seismic. Conductor AI considers Sales plays built into Rhythm based on best practices that customers can amend and add to suit their sales processes. It uses these and other factors to create a prioritised list of actions for sellers. Sellers can follow the proposed actions sequentially or focus on cadence or closing actions. It tracks the outcomes of these actions, creating a continuous improvement loop that helps improve the success of future suggestions.

David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft, commented, “Rhythm will transform how every seller in the world works by taking the complexity out of the revenue workflow. Technology has forced sellers to work in a way that doesn’t serve them or their customers, but Rhythm does something that’s never been possible before: it closes that gap between buyers and sellers by bringing buyer signals directly into the seller workflow. This is a paradigm shift that will transform how B2B businesses drive revenue by making it faster, easier, and more predictable while also improving the buyer experience.”

More than just an action list

Many organisations that embed AI into their applications, often believe that delivering the required actions to the end user is the goal. Sensibly Salesloft has taken Rhythm a step further, delivering explainable AI. Each action item Rhythm proposes is supported by an explanation of why that action is important and the outcome it intends to create. This feature is important because it builds trust in Rhythm and educates sellers about what they can expect. What isn’t clear is the depth of detail the explanation goes into and whether it evidences the explanation with examples of how such actions helped close historical deals over time.

Rhythm integrates various sales and marketing applications, including Salesforce, Zoho CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It lets sellers stay on a single screen without switching applications, wasting valuable time.

Salesloft Rhythm
Salesloft Rhythm

Rhythm was first announced at Saleslove’22, and customers are already excited about it. Justin Alsamarrai, Director of Sales, Financial Products at enterprise fleet management company Motiv, commented, “Rhythm will help us ensure that everyone on the team is following our sales process through the full deal cycle. Salesloft helped us scale our prospecting. Our outbound reps are held responsible for following their Cadence steps because we know they work. Rhythm will allow us to scale that same accountability across our AEs working open deals, which will have a huge impact on our time to close and win rates.”


Rhythm is not the only feature rolled out in the Summer’23 release. The release also includes various new features.

AI-generated summaries and action items for meetings recorded in the platform so that users can recap and review calls in less time. There is also a new Android mobile application, which was not listed on Google Play as of writing, and will be available in the summer. It will give customers another option from the Salesloft Mobile app that is already available for iOS users. The most recent update is the ability to view and reply to emails received on the Live Feed or the Person Details pages.

Salesloft on Android
Salesloft on Android

Integrations are improved. Custom picklist values in your CRM will auto-populate in Salesloft using CRM sync. It is also possible to import any report type from Salesforce to Salesloft to take immediate action.

There are updated and new integrations for UserGems, Salesken, Outflo, Signals, Vessels, Parmonic, Trove AI, Consensus, Amy, Rafiki, Rollworks, and Momentum Labs.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

Adding AI into applications is often seen as a must-have for vendors, but frequently they deliver feature improvements against specific use cases. With Rhythm, Salesloft has introduced an end-to-end, fully mature solution that will directly help sellers in their role.

Todd Detmold, G2’s Senior Director of Product Management, commented, “Salesloft will give visibility into meaningful buyer activity and significant intent detected on G2 right inside the Rhythm workflow. G2 Buyer Intent signals will provide sellers with relevant context of their buyers’ behaviors, so they can take action to build stronger engagement with a buying group at the right time, every time. With this integration, Salesloft and G2 mutual customers will be able to tap into the intelligence of G2 data in the Rhythm workflow and the collective value of our partnership with Salesloft later this summer.”


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