Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week, PSA, PPM and work management news included research by that found that technology tools and applications can reduce efficiency, despite their promise of improving it. There was product news from Birdview PSA, Kantata and Teamwork. Resource Guru published a customer story, and Planisware announced its charity for 2023.

Birdview  PSA

Birdview PSA announced several updates last week in a couple of blog posts. Trial users can now access a larger data set for trialling Birdview PSA. Users can opt to add sample data from within Resources or opt to create their own. The sample data can also be removed from the account if required. However, this is a one-time thing.

The other update is for Job Roles and Time Logs. Administrators now have a bulk update feature for job roles, enabling admins to select multiple people to apply for a single job role. It is now possible to export time logs to a CSV file. In addition, users are now warned if they try to add time to a closed or completed task.


Hubstaff announced an update to its product and pricing plans. The new features include:

  • Team management: There are improvements to the process for inviting and provisioning accounts and optimized permissions for team leads and managers.
  • Project management: Users can now automatically create and send client invoices, import projects, clients, members, and Job sites.
  • Redesigned mobile app: Track time, create projects and tasks, and view reports — all on the go.
  • New calendar: The user experience for shifts, time off, and holidays is updated. There is a new monthly calendar view, and the ability to subscribe to calendar events.

The pricing plans have changed with more features across different plans, along with a pricing increase. Customers will have 21 days notice of the changes. Most customers will transition to the Team edition.

  • Starter edition is $4.99 pupm (billed annually)
  • Grow edition is $7.40 pupm (billed annually)
  • Team edition is $10.00 pupm (billed annually)
  • The Enterprise pricing is POA (billed annually)


Kantata released several updates to Kantata OX (Mavenlink) last week.

New Data Access permissions in the Insights Access Group set will allow for more governance and flexibility in Insights reporting. Account Administrators can set a data access level that will apply to all visible dashboards within an Access Group.

The Task Tracker toolbar has been redesigned to be more compact and visually appealing. Users now have more space to manage tasks within a project and focus on what’s important.

A new project overview task within the project workspace delivers a financial summary of a project. It will update information such as estimated cost, fees, and margin as data changes in real-time.

Kantata has redesigned the summary bar in the task tracker and the legacy estimates page to make it easier to understand.


Planisware has selected Wood Street Mission as its charity for 2023. Wood Street Mission aims to help children and families living on a low income in Salford and Manchester. Planisware will work with the independent charity on several projects to help alleviate the worry for over 1,000 local families affected by poverty.

Kai Ojo, Managing Director at Planisware, said, “It’s inspiring to see a local charity that is so committed to making a change in children’s lives. Wood Street Mission do an amazing job of raising awareness of how poverty affects families across Salford and Manchester and helps us to understand the small things we can do to help make a difference.”


Teamwork has rolled out Proofs, one of the most requested updates by customers. Users can now manage proofs through their lifecycle from creation to revision to client approval. From the main navigation, users can create new proofs in seconds. The system has a built-in process with tracking, enabling customers to see the current status of proofs within their lifecycles.

Documents can be uploaded to teamwork or a link to a cloud platform to allow collaboration. Users can invite people to review proofs by sending an email with the link so that people can review documents and leave comments, and even sign off. Teamwork states that external clients don’t need a license. Comments are tagged against the document at the specific location so that users can quickly identify what they mean.

Work Life

Work-Life by Resource Guru published a blog that reveals how Havas CX Canada is leveraging Resource Guru to manage resource management and maintain the work-life balance of its staff. Havas CX Canada has used Resource Guru to:

  • Get an instant overview of resource availability
  • Allocate and schedule resources
  • Monitor resource utilization
  • Identify scheduling conflicts
  • Evaluate and plan resource needs for upcoming projects

Amirreza Farhadi, the Associate VP of Operations at Havas CX Canada, reveals how Resource Guru has helped. He noted, “Finding a balance is always going to be tough for agencies, especially when we’re about to launch something and we have hard deadlines. Of course, the goal is always to keep clients happy and satisfied — but not at the expense of our employees.”

The full blog is an interesting insight into how a company leverages resource management to meet the requirement and needs of clients, employees and the business.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 5th June 2023



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