Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayLast week FinancialForce rolled out the Spring 2023 release of its solutions, enhancing functionality across its PSA, Customer Success, CPQ and ERP solutions. Other news this week comes from Accelo, Asana, Birdview PSA, Dayshape, Kantata and TaskRay.


Accelo revealed how GIANT Creative selected and is benefitting from Accelo. It chose Accelo from a long list of potential solutions, including, to transform the technology used in its business. Andrew Stephenson, CEO of GIANT Creative, explained, “I made the decision to go with Accelo because it offered the most clearly defined end-to-end solution.”

Following an intensive implementation that combined Accelo’s best practice approach with the creative agency’s specific needs, the solution quickly delivered benefits. Stephenson noted, “We save so much time. And the level of visibility we all get is so valuable.”

Within a month, GIANT Creative was able to:

  • Send internal and external communication
  • Store and review client updates in the Activity Stream
  • Book meetings directly from the platform
  • Track and fulfil client work using Projects
  • Accurately bill for completed work
  • Automatically manage recurring contracts with Retainers
  • Address ad-hoc client requests with Tickets

Corin Vallee, Senior Professional Services Manager, Accelo, noted, “GIANT is a great example of how going through implementation with Accelo empowers businesses to optimize and innovate. Our systematic, streamlined and effective software adoption has helped their team realize value out of the platform immediately. Instead of wading through just to get operational, they are positioned to leverage Accelo to grow their business.”


Asana has added a new integration with HubSpot that helps streamline collaboration & enables teams to add assets to Asana tasks for visibility. It is now possible to:

  • Attach details from HubSpot deals directly into Asana tasks
  • View accurate HubSpot deal info, campaign statuses and metrics in Asana
  • Keep track of important context from deals and marketing campaigns across apps.


Birdview PSA has replaced its Roles feature with Job Roles and Access Levels. The new feature has separated security roles from job roles. Job Roles will help managers define job roles specific to the organization, plan future projects better and faster, and get valuable insights into resources and their capacity. Access Levels will provide flexible options for security and permission management.

Job Roles help define employees’ business roles and manage their skills and rates across the entire organization and specific projects. Access Levels allow one to manage data access and permissions across users individually or as a group. This feature can be helpful for businesses with multiple users or departments with different levels of authority.


Dayshape has celebrated its 10th birthday in a blog by Andrew Bone, founder and CEO. In a heartfelt blog, he thanks those who helped shape the first few years of the firm’s life and looks forward to the teenage years. Underpinning the growth is a sense of the values that Bone expounds on with Ever Improving, a sense of humour and humility highlighted.


Kantata unveiled a few updates to its Kantata OX platform with a new feature in the early access, Boards. Boards add two new visualisations, Task Boards and the To-Do Board.

Within the estimate stage, it is now possible to create soft resource allocations.

Within the Resource Center, usability is improved with the ability to expanse and collapse data rows, reducing the potential mouse clicks that users need to make. In the user details screen, Kantata added the person’s manager to the side panel. A new notification was added for project budget change orders. In addition to emails, users can receive an in-app alert or notification from a Slack channel when a change order is proposed, approved or declined.


TaskRay is to change the cadence of its product to an eight-weekly release cycle. The next update is due out on May 10. The next updates include the following:

  • Dynamic Team Builder: A new feature enabling users to create project teams and assign persistable roles across all projects (e.g., Project Manager, Onboarding Manager, etc.)
  • Application Performance Improvements: An enhancement to the application’s performance, scalability, and security by modernizing state management frameworks, improving server-side Salesforce communication, and optimizing regression testing workflows.

The previous, roughly six-monthly cadence is consigned to history, with TaskRay also reducing its Sandbox period to 2 weeks from 4 weeks. It will hold a webinar on the next update on April 25th from 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM MDT.

PSA PPM and Work Management news from the week beginning 3rd April 2023




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