Professional Services Image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayThe first full week after the new year, few companies had readied announcements. One of the exceptions was Kantata which started the year with two press releases. The first was a roundup of 2022, and a look ahead to their intentions for 2023, including a sneak peek of the product roundup and ambitions for further growth. The second was the announcement of a new CTO. Ken Ringdahl was appointed, filling the gap left by Roger Neel, who stepped down in the middle of 2022. More news is promised this coming week from several vendors, including Kantata.


Avaza announced that it had added support for multiple task assignees. Following customer demand, Avaza now allows resource managers to allocate multiple people to each task. When a task is created, the project manager or resource manager can assign it to one or more people. It is possible to add external contacts to the list of assignees. Email notifications are sent to all participants; all assignees will see the task on their My Task Page, Task List report, and other task views. Other features within Avaza that link back to tasks are also affected, including iCal feeds, Dashboard widgets, Reports, APIs, Recurring Tasks, Copy Tasks, Move Tasks, and others.

Avaza gave several reasons why it has completed this improvement. They were:

  • Increased productivity: Having more than one person working on a task can lead to faster completion times and increased productivity.
  • Shared workload: Assigning a task to multiple people can help distribute the workload more evenly, reducing the burden on any individual.
  • Increased accountability: When a task is assigned to multiple people, there is an increased level of accountability as each person is responsible for their portion of the work.
  • Opportunity for collaboration: Assigning a task to multiple people can provide an opportunity for teamwork and collaboration, which can lead to new ideas and creative solutions.
  • Improved quality: Having multiple people working on a task can lead to increased attention to detail and a higher overall quality of work.


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