(Image credit/Pixabay/Igor Ovsyannykov)BigCommerce has announced a new advertising coupon programme with TikTok to give matching ad credits to qualified merchants. The programme encourages them to explore TikTok’s suite of ad solutions to expand audience reach and drive business growth. Qualified merchants of all sizes based in the US, UK, Australia and Canada that spend $300 on ads will receive $1,000 in advertising credits from TikTok and BigCommerce.

(credit image/LinkedIn/Sharon Gee)
Sharon Gee, vice president and general manager of omnichannel at BigCommerce.

With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is a massive social entertainment platform. This offers an opportunity for merchants to build their business and brand. By surfacing their products where their shoppers already are,” said Sharon Gee, vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel at BigCommerce. “By supporting merchants with low-cost, low-risk opportunities to advertise on TikTok. BigCommerce is giving them a powerful incentive to experiment with a leading channel and unleash their creative side. To better reach and engage with new and existing customers and drive growth for their businesses.

Merchants can directly access the TikTok For Business app via the BigCommerce Channel Manager. This creates a one-click experience to place the TikTok pixel, sync their catalogues, and ultimately begin producing ad campaigns.

Key benefits include:

  • Unlocking more revenue through innovation. Merchants can unleash their creative side with the tools available through TikTok Ads Manager to design and set campaigns. It defines the right target audiences. TikTok’s recommendation system does the rest.
  • Creating authentic connections with consumers. This is achieved by tapping into unique engagement solutions and immersive formats such as easy-to-create video ads. Merchants are able to creatively and authentically connect with audiences around the world.
  • Maximising return on ad spend (ROAS) with smart advertising. With TikTok, merchants can create custom audiences based on website visitor events, attach goals to these events. Merchants can then measure campaign performance across conversions, allowing for better-informed decision-making based on actual data results.
  • Discovering new ways to build and create a brand presence. Through TikTok Shopping, merchants can create a shoppable tab on their account. The tab showcase products directly linking to online store checkout pages, making it easy for shoppers to explore and purchase.
(Credit image/LinkedIn/Melissa Yang)
Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

The shopping experience on TikTok is all about discovery. We have seen businesses of all sizes use our platform as a creative outlet to engage new audiences. This ultimately drive sales,” said Melissa Yang, head of ecosystem partnerships at TikTok. “We’re thrilled to be working with this innovative group of partners. Making it easier than ever for their merchants to be discovered by our community.”

With TikTok For Business, BigCommerce merchants will be able to highlight their brand personality to connect with current customers. Reach new shoppers and drive traffic to their storefront on TikTok, powered by BigCommerce. The company says TikTok For Business plug-in is easy to set up, and merchants can quickly sync product catalogues. Furthermore, they can unlock advanced TikTok Pixel features and access paid advertising and organic opportunities. This includes TikTok Shopping, Collection Ads and Dynamic Showcase Ads. The integration also gives BigCommerce partners a new way to help merchants with their omnichannel sales strategy. It assists with content, optimisation and other services.

TikTok Shopping is currently in beta in select countries. BigCommerce will be expanding the programme into additional markets in 2022.

Enterprise Times: What this means for business

A recently published Brightpearl report notes the growing popularity of social media and streaming platforms for discovery and purchase. It suggests this trend – ‘shoppertainment’ is not just a fad. Shoppers, particularly those in younger age groups, see no distinction between the digital and physical world. Hence, BigCommerce’s new coupon initiative in partnership with TikTok. The initiative will enable qualified merchants of all sizes rewarded with $1000 in TikTok advertising credits. In exchange for spending $300 on ads, as social commerce continues to drive sales. The programme will inevitably encourage BigCommerce merchants to explore TikTok For Business to reach new audiences and showcase campaigns. However, merchants still need to develop creative content, smart advertising and TikTok Shopping to get through the clutter of TikTok. The provision of the coupon is the relatively easy part. Organising the creative campaigns to reach the TikTok generation, without appearing contrite and artificial will still remain a major challenge.


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