Wrike Marketing PerformanceAt its virtual conference, Wrike Collaborate 2020 this week, Wrike unveiled a mix of new features and platform updates for its customers and prospects. The announcements included Work Intelligence, Wrike for Marketers Performance Insights, Solution for PMOs, the New Wrike Experience, and a native budgeting feature.

Andrew Filev , Wrike Founder and CEO (Image credit Linkedin)
Andrew Filev , Wrike Founder and CEO

Andrew Filev, founder and CEO, Wrike commented: “Yesterday’s ‘Future of Work’ is here, arriving much sooner than anyone could have anticipated. It’s been a turbulent, yet eye-opening experience that has inspired abrupt innovations in every industry, and collaborative work management is no exception. With the introduction of Work Intelligence and leading product features, we’re proud to announce tomorrow’s ‘Future of Work’ today. We ask organizations to join us at the forefront.”

Work Intelligence

Work Intelligence integrates the Wrike AI and machine learning engine across the solution. Leveraging its graph database capabilities, Wrike developed and is introducing analytics and user interface improvements that will help improve efficiency for customers.

The insights capabilities include project risk prediction, task prioritization and document processing. Project Risk prediction identifies which aspects of projects are at risk with recommendations for remediation. Task Prioritisation orders tasks based on their value. The update document processing feature can turn a physical asset into a digitized editable text file using a mobile phone leveraging OCR. The user interface capabilities include support for voice commands using Siri. It also creates smart replies by leveraging AI to generate an in-context suggestion.

It is rolling out this suite of capabilities over the coming quarters. The inference is that the different capabilities are included as standard within Wrike.

Wrike for Marketers Performance Insights

Wrike continues to develop features to improve Wrike for Marketers. It launched Wrike for Marketers Performance earlier this year. This latest iteration offers 360-degree visibility into cross-channel campaign performance right within workflows from 50 popular digital tools. They include social platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. It supports advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and Instagram Ads. There is support for marketing technology tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. New features include table views with performance aggregated by paid and owned initiatives. There is also wider support for pre-built customer fields.

Ultimately this enables CMOs and Digital Marketing teams to understand campaign performance better and thereby accelerate deliver with confidence that they will deliver optimal results. Wrike for Marketers Performance is still available as an add-on for Wrike for Marketers; pricing is available on request.

Solution for PMO

Wrike’s Solution for PMO is a new solution specifically targeted the project management officers. It combines collaborative work management with the resourcing and budgeting capabilities in Wrike for Professional Services and the advanced analytics in Wrike Analyze.  It delivers four capabilities:

Support for strategic and operational planning for projects with support for waterfall, agile, hybrid, and custom project management. Projects can be set up with budgets, resourced and taken to the kick-off point. As the project progresses, the PMO has drill-down visibility and can collaborate across the project team to ensure work is completed on time.

With complete visibility, the PMO can quickly roll up project progress in complex programmes into reports for executives. There are new dashboards that focus on different KPI’s and other metrics at a portfolio, programme and project level, increasing visibility and transparency across the organisation. Solution for PMO is available in October 2020.

The New Wrike Experience

This is a completely new UI for Wrike. Users can create custom workspaces and views to increase their efficiency. It is possible to pin folders, projects, calendars, charts and tools to each workspace. These work views enable employees to access tasks and projects quickly. Views are configurable and enable employees to reduce switching time between tasks. Users can switch this new UI on now or retain classic for the time being.

Alexey Korotich, VP of Product, Wrike commented: “The user experience has always been paramount at Wrike, but in the last year we’ve truly placed it front and center. We have honed our solutions and customer service to exceed expectations, and it’s only natural for the user experience to align with that level of quality. As the face of our product, the New Wrike Experience is the most exciting aspect of today’s launch for me because it touches every single one of us. We have made it more personal, effective, scalable, focused, and simplified for all users.”


Wrike has enhanced budgeting within Wrike for Professional Services and Solution for Agencies. The new feature supports role-based rate card enable users to create project pricing quickly. This budget is then tracked as projects progress. Business Leaders can track profitability in real-time and against milestones.

The new feature supports multi-currency though it is unclear whether multiple currencies within a single project are supported. Users can define billing rates and cost rates for employees. Budgets are then tracked at a task and project level with user permissions available to restrict access.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a significant update by Wrike with some interesting new features, especially those powered by AI. What is perhaps disappointing is the lack of detail around what the new capabilities will deliver in Work Intelligence. The new budgeting feature is an interesting step that draws Wrike closer to a PSA capability. However, it is the first iteration, and it will be interesting to see what the roadmap for this feature is.

Wrike continues to improve its work management platform, and these new features add to what is already an impressive capability.


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