Container Art Freight Image by Valdas Miskinis from PixabayRootstock Software has unveiled the Spring 2020 release of its ERP solution. The update includes two significant new features: Freight and Landed Cost, and Inventory License Plating. Both features were developed in Salesforce Lightning and therefore take advantage of the latest user experience that Salesforce has to offer. Rootstock has also launched an Online Learning Center alongside this release.

Freight and Landed Cost

The new Freight and Landed cost functionality delivers the ability for organisations to track all costs associated with their products and shipments. The Rootstock solution includes include freight, import duties, custom duties, taxes and tariffs. The system also includes several recognised costing methods for manufacturers as they look to allocate costs to inventory. Users can create master records to support different apportionment cost methods for different products. Users can create an unlimited number of master records, thus giving the level of granularity that some global organisations require. However, organisations can also apply the standard costing method if they choose to do so.

Tom Brennnan, CMO Rootstock (Image credit Linkedin)
Tom Brennnan, CMO Rootstock

Once the complete purchase order is processed the Freight and Landed Cost information is locked in, and costs are apportioned for the inventory. The system supports complete purchase order and a more detailed line by line partial quantity receipt within a purchase order. Both options support serialized and lot controlled receipts. The new feature gives supply chain managers complete visibility of the total cost for products. It helps with the later evaluation of different supply routes and improves decision making.

Tom Brennan, CMO at Rootstock Software commented: “Our Freight and Landed Cost capabilities are designed for companies that incur substantial costs in bringing goods from supplier locations to their warehouse. The new functionality allows companies to capitalize these costs and apportion them to inventory items. As a result, they can more accurately capture the real and complete costs of inventory, and consequently, establish profitable price points.”

Inventory License Plating

With this release, Rootstock has also added Inventory License Plating. This is where organisations can group sets of stock items under a unique barcode or RFID tag, the License Plate Number (LPN). The group is, therefore, simpler and faster to receive, transfer and transact than if they were individually tagged. This grouping of items could relate to a container, pallet, case, master carton, box, tote, barrel, ocean shipping container, or even a “virtual” collection of items such as a group of items placed in a specific location.

Brennan noted: “The benefits of license plating are numerous. First, it simplifies the issuing, receiving and transfer of items. With fewer items to manage, there’s a reduction in transactions as well as potential errors. Companies experience enhanced traceability and overall greater efficiency. And like all Rootstock Cloud ERP capabilities, mobile devices can be used – in this case, to scan and track license plated items.”

The new feature is comprehensive and allows the nesting of LPNs. This significantly improves the traceability of items. For example, if a component is water damaged, other items within the batch, case and even shipping container are identifiable. By assigning an LPN to each of them, the organisation can track and check them. LPNs are now usable in the following functions:

  • Purchase Order and Work Order Receipting of Items via a single scan (or entry) into an Inventory Container (LPN)
  • Sales Order and Work Issue of Items out of the Inventory Container (LPN) in bulk via a single scan or entry
  • Process Inventory Transactions of Items in bulk via a single scan or entry
  • Manage Inventory within the container in bulk via a single scan or entry

Online Learning Center now open for education

The final new feature is not part of the ERP solution itself but part of the Rootstock customer success strategy. The Online Learning Center is now part of the Rootstock Community. It aims to provide a resource to help companies adopt Rootstock ERP faster. It offers a mix of online courses and events aimed at improving employee knowledge and adoption. Users can select between self-paced eLearning courses or instructor-led lessons.

Different learning paths are available with basic and advanced courses. Attendees are also able to pause courses in the case of interruptions and continue later, tracking their progress and receiving certificates as they complete different paths. There is an administrator function that enables managers and team leaders to track the progress of individuals within their team. As part of the platform, Rootstock will also hold a live Rootstock learning hour. This will cover additional topics suggested by the community and may include new product features, features in-depth and implementation tips. Courses range from foundation level to those looking to implement Rootstock.

Caroline Santander, senior director of Rootstock’s Partner Programs,
Caroline Santander, senior director of Rootstock’s Partner Programs,

Caroline Santander, senior director of Rootstock’s Partner Programs, led the development of the Online Learning Center for Rootstock’s entire ecosystem of customers, partners and employees. She commented: “The Learning Center offers participants a personalized learning experience and expands their knowledge of Rootstock Cloud ERP very rapidly. From our extensive calendar of courses and events, they can select from a variety of subjects and track their educational progress. Ongoing education has become integral to the Rootstock Success Community, and our center helps participants achieve their objectives and reap optional returns from our ERP.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a significant update from Rootstock. It has added two new fully formed features that global manufacturers expect from ERP solutions. There is still room for improvement with Rootstock making no mention of integration with other solutions and companies to draw in Freight and Landed costs from external sources. This may come in a later version of the solution. Rootstock has partnered before, successfully with companies such as ComplianceQuest to strengthen its offering in medical equipment and CBD.

The new online Learning Center is in addition to the courses offered through Salesforce Trailhead. It will be interesting to see how they both develop. Training during COVID-19 is something that many users are finding time to engage in. The announcement could, therefore, not be more timely.


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