Accelo workflow, Image credit Pixabay/GeraltAccelo continues to develop its product and has released several updates to support users.

Most of the new feature improvements and bug fixes are not however related specifically to those working from home.

Product improvements

There is a new version of Time budget graphs. Rather than a single bar there are now two bars for each project. The top bar displays the time logged against a tasks. The three differently coloured sections display billable, non-billable or estimated time remaining on a task. Against this a single grey line demonstrates the amount of time spent on the task, that that bar shows red then it have gone over the original budget for the task. The user is also able to see more information in a hover tip, which shows further details about the time spent on a task.

Accelo over budget screen shot
Accelo over budget screen shot

If using the in-line reply feature within an activity stream it is now possible to browse down the screen without having to abandon or complete the reply. This allows users to find relevant information elsewhere on the stream before competing the reply. It flags the entry and an unsaved reply.

Accelo has also made improvements to the search bar. When searching within a specific module it will filter the results, making it faster to find the correct entry.

Bug fixes

Accelo has also released several bug fixes this week, these include:

  • The correct error is flagged when editing a project type if it is using a deleted invoice template.
  • If materials are changed and the edit abandoned the values are now displayed correctly.
  • The Timesheet report has had several errors fixed.
  • Line items for purchases will now show the correct tax amount at all times.
  • The Office365 beta version no longer continuously imports forwards calender entries.

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

The pandemic has not interrupted the Accelo release schedule. It continues to roll out feature improvements and bug fixes for the benefit of its customers. This latest update has nothing substantial within it although the time budget graph is a nice improvement and the result of several customer suggestions.

The challenge for work management systems is to deliver as much information as possible on a screen without making it too busy. Accelo seems to be accomplishing this.


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