Clouds Sunshine Image by <a href="">Ana_J</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Luke Behnke is VP Product at Zendesk. Enterprise Times had the opportunity to discuss the Zendesk Sunshine platform with him at the recent Zendesk Showcase event in London. Zendesk alternately describe Sunshine as a platform and an unplatform. Behnke explains this and how Sunshine aims to fulfil the ‘beautifully simple’ principle that Zendesk has.

At the event, Zendesk also unveiled profiles, events and custom objects as three new data stores on the platform. Behnke takes the time to explain these new data objects and how customers and partners can take advantage of them.

He acknowledges that the platform has parallels with iPaas solutions but it also has distinct differences which he explains. A platform according to Mark Bonchek and Sangeet Paul Choudary should have three elements: Connection, Gravity and Flow. Behnke explains how Sunshine meets these requirements.

Interesting Sunshine came after Zendesk and the company is now looking to move its development onto the platform. Behnke explains this approach but also says that Sunshine is a product in its own right. In time it may become more than a platform to support the Zendesk products. He commented: “The vision is to go beyond the product first motion for platform”

Zendesk already has a marketplace with over 750 applications. However, customers have build 1000’s more apps which are not listed. The platform will enable many more. When Zendesk Sell is opened up on the framework for general availability, Behnke says this will be later this year, both numbers will increase quickly.

Behnke also talked about the addition of Smooch to the platform. It was acquired by Zendesk and, in some ways, it is the model that Sunshine could follow and ultimately become an entity in its own right.

To hear more of what Behnke had to say listen to the podcast.

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