SugarCRM has signed a partnership agreement with The Joint Chiropractic, a corporation made up of over 425 franchisees across the US. SugarCRM was selected for its versatility in handling the complexities with handing patient data, appointment scheduling and the franchise model.

Peter D. Holt, president and CEO The Joint Chiropractic commented: “SugarCRM understands the operational expectations in our membership-based, walk-in, no-insurance franchise model. The platform will be a tremendous benefit to our system in terms of productivity and immediate access to information that will streamline processes across our network, including patient and clinic support.”

EnterpriseTimes: What does this mean

The press releases falls short of indicating that this is a project that will automatically roll out SugarCRM across the franchises. The franchises are already likely to have their own systems in place. These will include applications such as Powerdiary, Kareo, TM3 or Cool Life CrM.

The agreement is likely to see The Joint Chiropractic offer a version of SugarCRM customised to its operations for franchises. Whether The Joint Chiropractic will make SugarCRM part of its future offering is also unclear. There is a benefit for it to do so, as it will improve the consistent approach across all its operations and will give it better visibility of macro trends.

If it is successful here the franchise market is a potentially lucrative one for SugarCRM. Franchise operations often look to deliver lower cost solutions as part of their operating model. If it can prove its solution in the Joint Chiropractic other franchises may take a look. According to the IHS Markit report the sector will grow by 2.6% during 2019 and the share of GDP from the sector was set to be $451 billion in 2018.

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