Christian Koch on IOT and security (Image Credit: {Pixabay / Tumisu)At the NTT Security University event in Germany, Christian Koch talked to Enterprise Times about the security challenges from IOT and OT. It is a challenge that is just as complex inside the enterprise as it is in the consumer space. It is also one that is not simple to solve and, for many organisations, will take time to fully understand.

There is a lot of confusion in this space as to what qualifies as IOT and OT from an IT security perspective. Koch defined the two areas saying: “There are many, many definitions available. For me, IOT means a single, simple device. That means CCTV cam, standalone sensor, maybe a TV, a coffee machine, that’s a typical IOT device. When we talk about OT or industrial IOT, then I speak about a complex environment, where we have a bunch of sensors, PLCs, HMIs, scatter systems, or typical things like this.”

Christian Koch, Senior Manager GRC & IoT/OT at NTT Security (Germany) GmbH
Christian Koch, Senior Manager GRC & IoT/OT at NTT Security (Germany) GmbH

For organisations to start understanding the problem, Koch says that they need to begin with looking closely at their network. Many of the devices will not have been installed as part of a conversation with IT. Instead, they will have been part of an engineering solution so the only people with details on the protocols or how the devices communicate are often field and industrial engineers. Koch believes that until IT starts to talk to these people, it will struggle to know what it is dealing with.

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