Market Image by Duncan Nelson from Pixabay Rootstock Software has launched a new Signal Chain Appstore at Rooted-In, its annual conference. At the heart of a manufacturing organisation lies its ERP. Rootstock believes that core to its success is its ability to capture, interpret and balance the digital signals from across the organisation. This ability is what it calls the manufacturing signal chain.

The Appstore was created to showcase other vendors with which customers can extend the signal chain. This connects new applications to Rootstock that have already been configured. An example is the remote printing capability developed by Mavtron. This enables users to print from within a desktop or mobile application.

The Appstore also includes listings for Rootstock Certified consultants. There are listings for Gold Partners Praxis, and Deloitte, though oddly, not Alto Consultants.

Raj Badarinath Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Rootstock.
Raj Badarinath Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Rootstock.

Raj Badarinath, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Rootstock Software, commented, “Our new Signal Chain Appstore is a one-stop shop for our customers to find both the applications and consulting expertise they need to extend and enhance their Rootstock environments. By offering a curated selection of third-party apps and consultants that work with Rootstock ERP, we’re extending the Manufacturing Signal Chain and creating an ecosystem where innovation, configuration, and operational excellence drive a competitive edge for our customers.”

A focused Appstore

While most of the six companies currently listed on the Appstore could also be found on the Salesforce Appstore, this is a smart move by Rootstock. In some ways, the Salesforce Appstore is a victim of the success that Salesforce has enjoyed. There are just too many solutions out there. In creating its own Appstore, customers and prospects can quickly identify applications that have been proven to work with Rootstock. Or consultants that have prior knowledge of Rootstock.

Using the Appstore, Rootstock begins to expand its ecosystem of technology partners and demonstrate its strength. However, currently, while it claims there are a variety of applications for sales, service, shipping, and tax compliance. There are companies that Rootstock has worked closely with in the past that are currently missing, Avalara and ComplianceQuest.

The Signal Chain Appstore features a variety of business applications. It caters to the diverse needs of Rootstock manufacturing customers. These applications range from simple utilities to comprehensive business solutions. They provide the extensibility and agility that manufacturers need to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.

Benefits of the Signal Chain Appstore

Rootstock called out six benefits of the Signal Chain Appstore:

  • Discoverability: Customers can extend Rootstock ERP functionality with third-party apps that meet their needs in other areas of their businesses.
  • Solutions to Various Business Challenges: With a variety of solutions, customers can easily find applications and services aligned to their unique processes.
  • Proven Implementation: Available apps easily integrate with Rootstock ERP, which means customers can quickly adopt new functionality and reap value quickly.
  • Innovation: The Appstore stands as a hub for innovation, as the latest technologies and business solutions are available. Customers can access these cutting-edge solutions to help them stay ahead of their competitors.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: As businesses grow and evolve, their needs change. The Signal Chain Appstore gives customers the flexibility to add or change apps as needed, supporting businesses at every stage of growth and allowing for scalability without significant disruptions.

Badarinath concluded, “With these benefits, our Signal Chain Appstore is set to transform how our customers approach ERP customization and extension, providing an invaluable resource for manufacturers worldwide. This launch empowers customers with the tools and flexibility they need to address their unique business challenges, ensuring that they can stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive landscape.”

Enterprise Times: What does this mean

This is a smart move by Rootstock. However, it feels a little tentative, with only six listings on the Appstore currently. Hopefully, Rootstock will quickly expand the list. The information provided on the entries also varies enormously. Rootstock would be wise to introduce both consistency and greater substance to the entries.

None of the entries has anything about pricing. Nor whether the solutions are native to Salesforce or integrations to external platforms. What will be interesting is to see how quickly Rootstock adds more entries. And how it evolves the marketplace in the coming months. Will it aim to list all of its partners on this Appstore, or just the system integrator and the above ones?


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